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CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! www.turbulencetraining.com Today I am going to reveal to you the secret to the elusive 10 minute total body workout. A lot of people don’t believe it’s possible to get an incredible workout in only 10 minutes that will help with your fat loss program. But, of course you can and it’s very simple. Start with a general bodyweight exercise as your warm-up. So, in this example I am going to do a bodyweight squat with hands in front, and pair that with a push up. If you’re a beginner, then you can easily substitute wall squats and kneeling push ups. Complete two rounds of that superset, performing 10 repetitions for each. Once you have finished the warm-up superset, your body should be ready for the next round of exercises. The two best exercises to couple together in a 10-minute workout are the dumbbell squat exercise and the dumbbell chest press. When doing the former exercise, obviously you are working your lower body, but you are also working your upper back by holding those dumbbells in position. For the first set I want you to pick a weight that is relatively easy. So, choose a weight that you could normally do for 15 repetitions and only do 10. After you finish the 10 reps move on to the chest press and follow the same method. One of the great things about this dumbbell pairing is that you can usually use the same weight you used for the squat as you use for the chest press, saving you time. After finishing the first round of the superset

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  1. @cahmansense

    this isn’t designed to shred your muscles and get big. its fat loss and some endurance. you could make it strength endurance if you made the temp something like 4/2/1 for the chest press. try 10 reps of that with a “light” weight. its not that easy

  2. I think he uses these two exercises because it is meant for truly beginners who would definitely be tired after supersetting exercises a squat exercise and chest press. I personally like going upper body push than lower body pull for one cycle and then vice versa for next. I use the vastmuscle (.com) workouts and they have done wonders for me

  3. The weights in the video are just to show you a demonstrtion of the exercises.

    You would use your own weights when you did them yourself, and they wouldn’t be the same dumbells like in the video.

  4. lol. oh for god’s sake. the answer is lemon.

  5. I have a question: how could resistance that should be heavy enough to stress the powerful muscles of the lower body still be light enough to properly induce trauma to the pectoralis major(agonist) and synergist (tricep, deltoid)? I would think that something like a bent over row would be more appropriate considering the major muscle groups of the back will be used (agonist) synergist bicep.

  6. 15-20 reps squat? thats 110kg at me :o )

  7. Are those workout for women too?

  8. lol build muscle???

  9. too good to be true.

  10. perfect thanks bro.

  11. great! this’ll help me lose weight and gain some build even through my busy schedual =]

  12. thank you, this video is so helpful to me. thanks again….

  13. greatscottbttfride

    thank u

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    haha i like it – it sounds alright ta me! =]

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