12 Minute Fat Loss Workout 4

CLICK HERE for a FREE Workout!! www.turbulencetraining.com We’re going to start with dumbbell forward lunges in workout 4 of the 12-Minute Fat Loss workout program. So, with dumbbells at your side, lunge forward, drop your hips straight down, and then drive up off that front heel to the start position. You will alternate sides for this exercise. From that exercise, you will then move right into a dumbbell push press. To get in position for this exercise, you will place the dumbbells at shoulder height facing outward. You can probably use the same weight as you used for the lunge exercise so as to not need to switch dumbbells. Next, you will squat down a little bit and then drive the dumbbells up overhead. Bring them down, and repeat. After you have finished that exercise, you will either do a dumbbell row or if you have a bar at home, then you can do inverted rows. For the dumbbell row, place one knee and one hand on the bench, keep your back nice and flat and then row the dumbbell up to your abdomen. In the case of inverted rows, grab the bar with an overhand grip with hands slightly wider than shoulder width a part, and then row your chest up to the bar. So, go through those 3 exercises in circuit fashion as many times as you can in 12 minutes and that’s it! Visit Turbulence Training to get your FREE sample fat burning workout. Click here to get started www.TurbulenceTraining.com And to get access to the #1 weight loss secret of social support and to ask Craig

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  1. This twelve minute workut program looks great. One question though: How many of these workouts do you do a day? Do you do one workout each day for nine days in a row? Two a day..Three a day….? Sorry for not knowing! Thanks!

  2. yes, do the circuit, rest, and repeat for 12 minutes

  3. are we to do each exercise for 12 minutes each??

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