12 Minute Fat Loss Workout 9

CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! www.turbulencetraining.com This is the last workout of the 12 minute workout program. We’re going to do a bodyweight circuit as many times as we can in 12 minutes. Start with a decline pushup and move immediately into stick-ups. With your feet about 6 inches away, tuck your elbows into your sides and raise your arms up and down all the while keeping your butt, shoulders, shoulder blades, elbows, wrists and head against the wall. Next, move into a back extension on a ball. Lean on the ball with your feet against something solid to keep you in place. If you are doing this on a slippery surface, make sure you put a mat down to so the ball doesnt slip away from you. Lean forward and back up using your back extensors and also you glutes and hamstrings. Move immediately into stability ball jackknifes. Place your feet on the ball and your elbows on a bench and tuck your knees into your chest. Make sure you keep your abs braced. Finish with regular jumping jacks. Keep your arms up over your head as much as you can to work your shoulder blades and upper back. Do 60 reps. Rest 1 minute and repeat this circuit 2 more times, trying to finish in 12 minutes. Visit Turbulence Training to get your FREE sample fat burning workout. Click here to get started www.TurbulenceTraining.com And to get access to the #1 weight loss secret of social support and to ask Craig Ballantyne your weight loss questions, visit the Turbulence Training Membership site here www

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