August, 2012

Aug 12

The Devastating Effects Of Meth

Methamphetamine, most notoriously referred to as meth, is one of the most addictive substances on the market. It’s an addiction so insidious, that after you have tried it just one single time, you’ve put yourself in danger of being enslaved to it until finally death. If you or someone you love is addicted to meth and you wish to find treatment, go to to find assistance. There’s rarely such thing as a “moderate meth user,” and even if the addict wanted to quit using it, the withdrawal discomforts can be so painful that death might seem like a better solution. The side effects are so debilitating that addicts look completely different than they did prior to when they began abusing meth; sometimes unrecognizable. Here are explanations why.

Meth Mouth

One way that crystal meth can damage your body is by extreme tooth decay and mouth disease. This homemade substance dries the salivary glands and reduces the healthy bacteria in the mouth which allows acid and bacteria to formulate in the mouth and rot gums and teeth. Blood vessels are also made to shrink which reduces the blood flow that is essential for teeth to stay alive and for the gums to stay healthy. Together with chronic grinding of teeth, bad hygiene and eating habits, teeth virtually begin to disintegrate.

Crank Bugs

Meth abusers typically come to be subject to various forms of delusion. A “crank bug” is the name directed at the manifestation of a delusion that a meth addict has when they are convinced that they’ve got bugs crawling under their skin. Addicts will obsessively pick at their skin and attempt to cut the bugs out. The medical name for this delusion is “formication,” and is used for instances of hallucination that create sensations of itchiness, burning, tingling and sometimes even pain.

Heart Issues

Excessive use of meth can keep one’s heart from pumping blood properly. An inadequate cardiovascular system can’t pump blood in the lungs causing pressure to increase from the heart to the vessels in the lungs. When this happens, fluid begins to fill the small air sacs inside the lungs and causes the individual feel like they’re drowning. Various bacterial infections can be brought on by injecting meth with contaminated needles can cause inflammation in the linings of the heart which then causes the risk of arrhythmia, palpitations and heart failure is multiplied for a meth addict.


Meth is one of the most addictive substances out there. The first high that an individual experiences is practically impossible to duplicate and it’s the same for every high after that; leaving the consumer needing to take even more though not able to capture the euphoria of the first high. Once the high is over, cravings ensue that are so strong that recovering addicts say they have cravings many years following their previous fix.

The effects of a meth addiction are devastating and grotesque. There’s a lot to lose with regards to this dreadful drug and the side effects mentioned cannot even start to describe every one of the ways in which it can ruin your life. If you or someone you know uses meth, there are many drug rehabilitation facilities that specialize in the treatment of meth addiction; find help before it’s too late. Go to for more information on how to get your wellbeing back.

Aug 12

Adult ADHD Can result in Drug Dependency

Studies have started to reveal that there could be a link among adults that suffer from attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and addiction. Most studies are in mention of alcohol and nicotine dependency however according to an analysis study completed by the Medical Council on Alcohol, the use of substances with stimulant attributes are increasing among people who struggle with ADHD. Carl Sherman, PhD, stated that he discovered fifteen percent of people with the problem were abusing or were reliant on a substance within the past year, and needed to get into an inpatient rehab like the one located at

The Danger Of Undiagnosed Adult ADHD

Living with this issue without getting it treated can be quite risky due to the fact that drugs affect people who have this disorder in a different way compared to those that don’t. For example when a person without it uses cocaine it acts as a stimulant, but when an individual with ADHD takes cocaine it has a opposite effect that decreases their manic behavior. The sensation of relief that they receive might be so satisfying that they keep abusing the drug. Although their motives for taking stimulant substances may be different from those utilizing it for recreational reasons, they can still develop harmful and life threatening addictions.

The Issue Of Diagnosing Adult ADHD

The diagnosis of ADHD differs from the process to diagnose kids. First of all, adult ADHD is relatively new to the medical world and isn’t addressed as a possible concern which is affecting various other co-occurring disorders. This also implies that signs of ADHD could be misdiagnosed as a different condition for example anxiety or depression. Another reason that people would possibly not get taken care of is that even though the individual has been coping with ADHD as a child, they could have developed coping mechanisms into adulthood that leave them unaware of having a disorder that is leading to their unpredictable tendencies.

Why Adults With ADHD Might Use Drugs

Experts think that most of the time, individuals don’t realize they may have ADHD, or if perhaps they do, they do not know that they are able to get treatment for it. This results in the danger of trying to cope with the difficulties that accompany the disorder, such as disorganized thoughts, manic behavior, and mood swings. This particular disorder is recognized to lead people to react impulsively, so abusing drugs or alcohol in a moment of high emotion wouldn’t be beyond character.

It’s exceedingly more common for children to be identified as having ADHD than for adults. It could be because of the numerous complications of diagnosing the disorder for adults, or it could be that the person understands that they are struggling with it but they’re unaware that they can get professional guidance. If you believe that you may be struggling with an ADHD disorder then it is important that you ask your doctor regarding your options. For those who have been attempting to deal with your disorder through the use of drugs that you’ve become addicted to, then there are drug rehab centers that offer addiction and dual diagnosis treatment. Go to for more information.

Aug 12

Criminals Go to Dangerous Measures to take Drugs

Several drug addicts end up in jail during their own lives, mainly because they’re buying or selling the drugs they’re addicted to. Once they are in jail it can be a lot more hard for the criminals to get their fix of such drugs and so they resort to different drugs like percocet that they can acquire. For more info on percocet go to The problem isn’t just getting the narcotics while they’re in jail, they also have to go to drastic measures to figure out ways to inject the drugs into their veins. This means that they need to fashion their very own syringes from supplies they have lying around.

Inmate Ingenuity

Criminals will often be patted down or “frisked” before and after they go anywhere in which they’re given resources like pens or forks to eat food with. This decreases the likelihood of them creating shanks or weapons made from sharpened items then hurting or killing police officers or some other prisoners. Sadly prisoners will still be capable to take and conceal pencils, paper clips as well as other smaller supplies without police officers being able to detect them. They can create make shift needles from these simple supplies. A syringe created in this way is oftentimes known as a “binky” by inmates.

Making a Binky

There are lots of actions involved in making a needle fabricated from objects that prisoners are able to get their hands on. They will begin by obtaining the needle point from a fellow inmate that has to get insulin injections for diabetes and smashes off the tip of the needle without the nurse noticing. Then they obtain a cheap pen as well as a paper clip and cautiously melt it all together. It is certainly a tough process and requires quite a bit of expertise and ingenuity to manufacture. after the plastic pen case has become melted to support the paper clip and needle point, they must make a kind of plunger to create the pressure necessary to get the drugs in the blood. Inmates generally use something similar to an eyedrop container they can press to get the force they want.

The Hazards of Jail Created Needles

Creating a binky generally requires a very long time due to the length of time it will take to gather the supplies necessary. This tends to make having one extremely valuable to the inmate who makes one. Several inmates frequently take turns sharing the very same needle which leads to conditions like Aids or liver disease. If these needles are poorly produced, they can also crack within the veins of the inmates trying to use them and do serious harm to them.

Drug addicts, including people in jail will always search for methods for getting their fix, even when this means going to drastic lengths. Some become so addicted to these types of pain medicines like percocet that they must go through treatment. For more info on percocet treatment check out As police officers continuously crack down on the things they let prisoners to use, prisoners continue to develop brand new rudimentary methods for fashioning needles. These needles are really hazardous and are resulting in more widespread diseases within prisons.

Aug 12

Is The Higgs Boson Evidence Of God?

There has been a lot of headlines concerning the discovery of what several refer to as “The God Particle”. The Higgs boson is the greatest breakthrough discovery in the area of particle physics, however what does it really signify? People question if this is proof of Gods existence or if perhaps it will have an impact on creation science. It’s important, however, to completely understand what the Higgs boson is.

The Higgs particle, also referred to as the Higgs boson, is classified as an elementary particle. It had been identified on July 4th, 2012. The Higgs particle was initially predicted by the Standard Model theory in science. It was regarded as among the seventeen fundamental particles found in the Standard Model. Its actual physical discovery has confirmed this hypothesis. The other sixteen particles consist of six quarks, 6 leptons, the photon, gluon, W, and Z. The latter elements and Higgs particles are classified as bosons. They’re accountable for all the forces in nature other than the power of gravity. Currently scientists are still uncertain as to how to categorize the law of gravity within the Standard Model.

God Particle
The Higgs boson was regarded as the “God particle” by Leon Lederman a Nobel Laureate and Director Emeritus of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. This term is widely disapproved of for the Higgs boson. The reason being that the presence of this particular compound neither acts as evidence of God or disproof. The phrase “God Particle” was just employed one time by Leon Lederman within the title of his book. It is very important point out that no scientist actually refers to the Higgs boson as such, however the term continues to be picked up by the media and as with most issues the media relays, it’s widely inaccurate and inappropriate.

Something from Nothing
Regrettably, due to the media’s hype of the phrase “God particle” there is much debate as well as ignorance regarding the Higgs boson. Ultimately, there is a little bit of support to the name as many see the creation of the world as being something from nothing, or that God produced something from nothing. Consequently, the Higgs boson provides an explanation as something from nothing, however is not an alternative to God and doesn’t show or disprove God.

Why It Matters
Virtually all matters possess mass. However, particles do not contain mass. If this is the case then how do they acquire mass? Enter the Higgs boson, the Standard Model hypothesized the unobserved particle, the Higgs boson, and believed that this undiscovered particle may be the key in gaining mass out of nothing. The idea purported that particles which joined from the Higgs field would gain mass, therefore a massless particle would gain mass. The discovery of the Higgs boson validates the Standard Model theory and leads to many more questions regarding the foundation of the universe. What it really does not do is prove that God exists or doesn’t exist.

In the end, the impact Higgs boson has on creationism is small. Creationists believe that God created everything in this particular world and also the discovery and confirmed presence of this particle only exhibits how genuinely awe-inspiring God’s creation is. Evidence of God does not originate from physicists or technological breakthroughs as well as the Higgs boson doesn’t prove the presence or disprove it. The Higgs boson is just a brilliant breakthrough within the arena of particle science and enables us comprehend our universe much better.

Aug 12

Picking the right Rehabilitation Facility

A lot of people across the world are confronted with ultimatums to get clean from their drug or alcohol addiction or lose other things which are extremely important to them. When considering either getting off of drugs or sacrificing relationships with a family, most addicts face the reality that they need support getting sober and putting their lives back on the right track. Most people will opt for getting clean over sacrificing their friends and families forever. They will have a great deal to contemplate when choosing a detox and rehabilitation program, because different rehabilitation centers offer unique services and amenities. It is very important for an individual to pick the best program for themselves in order to get over their drug or alcohol addiction. Go to for info on rehabilitation centers in Florida.

Things to Look For When Selecting a Rehabilitation Program

There’s a lot of things for a person to think about when they are determing the best rehabilitation program for themselves. The initial thing many people look at is affordability. The rehabilitation centers in which celebrities like Lindsay Lohan check in to are not for everyone, but there are still plenty of reasonable possibilities for the general public. The next thing that the person should consider is the layout of the center. A good rehab center should place someone with no more than two individuals per room, most would like having their own personal room or maybe just one roommate when moving into a facility. In the event that the rehab center is attempting to cram 4 or more people in to a single room it’ll be an exceptionally stressful living arrangement for anyone there trying to get clean.

Picking The Right Amenities

When a person has refined their own search down by selecting cost-effective rehab centers that offer a quality living environment, they can start to look at the incentives offered by different centers. One of the more essential things an individual should look into is the food provided by the rehab center. When the food is poor quality or doesn’t have variety it can make it more difficult to go through the treatment program. After checking out the food provided, it is important to look at the recreational activities the rehab facility offers. Rehabs which have amenities like a pool or tennis courts might help individuals going through challenging withdrawals get their thoughts off of their addiction for at least a while throughout the rough days.

Programs Offered
Good quality rehab facilities ought to have lots of diverse treatment programs to select from. An individual should locate an individualized treatment program that provides them the care they need. These centers should likewise have choices which include different types of guidance such as group and individual. They should also provide an excellent aftercare support program to help individuals avoid relapsing.

When confronted with the ultimatum of getting addiction treatment or losing everything, most people will decide to go to rehab. Picking the right rehab can be an exhausting process but it’s extremely important to consider everything a facility offers before selecting which one to attend. Researching the best program to suit an individual’s needs can mean the difference between a happy sober life and a possible relapse disaster. Visit for additional info on Florida drug treatment programs.

Aug 12

The Major Dangers associated with Meth Abuse

meth abuse has exponentially grown nationwide ever since the beginning of the 2000s, quickly becoming the second most abused illicit substance with more than Fifteen million recreational users. Illegal substance abusers tend to be incredibly drawn to meth for its stimulative side effects and lower cost to produce and get. Its effects are usually harmful for those that consume it. Meth is very addicting and individuals can grow a reliance on meth, which often can be corrected by a meth detox regimen. In cases where left unattended, meth dependence may result in major medical issues or even enhance the risk for death in the individual.

The Actual Cost of Meth

While methamphetamine can be produced as well as obtained for a extremely low price, it comes with a large cost to all those who use it. Meth is extremely unsafe. Suppliers can make a powerful meth product using over-the-counter cold and allergy meds, blended with several different household products. This renders it pretty much inconceivable to know for certain if the meth has been created incorrectly and the additive ingredients are actually toxic. Even if the meth is not instantly deadly, the long term effects of meth use are unhealthy.

Short Term Side Effects of Crystal Meth

Meth has a extremely strong impact on the human body and brain virtually immediately once it has been taken. It triggers the heart to race, the pupil to enlarge and the user feels extremely lively and euphoric. This can continue to keep the user awake for several days and nights at a time and lead these people to end up being quite anxious. The eventual crash which results from staying conscious for several days and nights could possibly overpower the body and ultimately shut the body off. This can lead to a really prolonged period of close to lifeless slumber which can continue for between 1 and 3 days. After waking from a “crash”, the addict is physically fatigued, dehydrated and psychologically volatile, causing the desire to use meth all over again to remedy these feelings.

Long-term Effects of Meth

Long-term usage of meth can result in significant, irreversible destruction to the addict. The toxic substances created from using meth cause the deterioration of body tissue and capillaries, rendering it more difficult for our bodies to repair on its own. This deterioration makes people suffering from long term meth addiction seem older compared to what they are. Methamphetamine additionally takes aim at damaging the brain of its users, bringing about anxiousness, psychotic, , and anxious tendencies. Many of these side effects will proceed to pester former meth abusers that have completed meth detoxification and have been sober for years.

Finding Support

Methamphetamine addiction is a serious overall health concern that can destroy the lives of not just the addict, but the individuals around them. Meth detox is an important phase to consider to be sure the addict gets back on a healthier and stronger path for themselves and the ones close to these individuals. The actual withdrawal stage of meth detoxification is generally painful, causing it to be vital to have a system of support set up for the abuser. Normal meth detoxification takes about 5 to seven days and nights to completely work. Soon after the detoxification is done, a meth detoxification rehab institution will provide a prepared treatment agenda for the recovering person. If you or any one you know needs help combating meth dependence, contact us now.

Aug 12

Food and drug administration Evaluating Approval of Oxycodone for Children

This month, Purdue Pharmaceutical, the producer of the prescribed pain killer OxyContin confirmed they are about to begin testing the effects of oxycodone, the active chemical substance in OxyContin in young children. Around 140 children between the ages of 6 and Seventeen are going to be involved in the study. Currently, theFDA has not yet approved OxyContin for use in children. Oxycodone and other opioid drugs are highly addicting and force many individuals to seek private prescription drug addiction treatment centers to be able to eventually get clean of the prescription drugs. Check out for more info on treatment options.

The Study

Purdue Pharmaceutical will be testing the children to gauge the safety of the tablet form of the drug. The particular children chosen to get examined are all affected by various kinds of painful illnesses and injuries including cancer or post operative pain, as well as severe burns and also acute pains. This study will make an effort to establish if the drug generates any unique reactions in children than it does in adults. Purdue Pharma’s desire is not that the drug is approval from the FDA for use in children, but rather to make sure that children are not getting refused the therapy OxyContin can give.

Possible Disadvantages

The issues associated with oxycodone use are that it could be really dangerous as well as extremely addictive. Opioid medicines, such as OxyContin are derived from the Asian opium poppy plant, the exact same plant that is used to create heroin. Doctor prescribed opioid drugs produce exactly the same sensations that shooting up a needle full of heroin would. These opioids create a harmful effect on the body’s central nervous system, slowing heartrate and making respiration more challenging. This effect can be exacerbated by taking too big of a dosage or even mixing the drug together with other harmful substances including alcohol.

Children Getting Addicted

Oxycodone, the active ingredient in OxyContin, adheres to the pain receptors in the brain and hinders the sense of pain from the affected individual. Unfortunately, the body becomes hooked on the chemical substance and develops a tolerance. This means that in the event the individual tries to stop taking the opioid, their body suffers from withdrawals. Young children are especially at risk of addiction because they don’t comprehend the dangers of the drug. It can be very hard to get kids off addicting drugs. If they do become addicted, they will have difficulties as adults obtaining or maintaining a job and even completing high school because of just how much the drug will manipulate their lives.

Every child should be very closely and carefully watched if they are prescribed oxycodone on account of just how unsafe the drug can be. In the last year, doctors have written over 5.6 million prescriptions for OxyContin. If the FDA approves its use in pediatric medicine, this number would grow drastically. Purdue Pharmaceutical would likely stand to see a windfall if it were to be approved, however they could be putting a number of children in unnecessary danger. Children should never have to go to private prescription drug addiction treatment centers because a few pharmaceutical companies want to make more money. Check out for more information on oxycodone.

Aug 12

Doctor prescribed Sleeping Pills Highly Dangerous

As the American public grows more aware and concerned of the increasing issue of prescribed pain killer addiction they appear to have looked the other way to another huge danger: Doctor prescribed sleeping pills along with other benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepine prescriptions including the ones for Xanax currently have increased by nearly 25 % during the last 6 years. A lot of these drugs are dangerous and it is easy to develop a Xanax addiction rapidly. The actual strategy to getting off of the pills is to enter a Florida Xanax rehab program and undergo detoxification. Check out more information on rehab.

The Rise of Sleeping Pills

It shouldn’t be normal to need sleep aids to sleep every single night. The human body supplies natural chemicals which induce sleepiness and when prescription medication is over used, the body quits producing these chemicals in a natural way and gets to be addicted to the drugs. Physicians usually prescribe these drugs to individuals suffering from extreme stress and anxiety that simply are not able to sleep at night. The concern is in many cases, the doctors end up prescribing far too many of the pills to their patients and so they become addicted.

The Hazards of Mixing Sleeping Pills with
Other Substances

The real threat of these pills is that they may appear completely safe to the person using them, when actually these drugs can be quite fatal. If taken in excess or mixed with various other chemicals such as alcohol the effects of these pills can be deadly. A lot of people don’t take the effects of the sleeping pills seriously and think that having a drink along with them is an okay plan. This particular kind of behavior usually leads to complete loss of memory of the night and experiencing total blackouts in which the individual recalls absolutely nothing from what they did the night before. Several celebrities have suddenly past away recently by combining sleeping pills with other drugs like oxycontin and alcohol. Among the most noteworthy are Heath Ledger and Whitney Houston whom each accidently overdosed using a fatal combination of sleeping pills and other drugs.

The Risk of Dependence

Most sleeping pills consist of some form of tranquilizer in them which are highly addictive. The body will build up a dependence on the drug and the person will start to feel very sick if they do not get more of the drug. With sleeping pills, the withdrawals can be very intense. The symptoms of withdrawals from sleeping pills are increased stress and anxiety and fear in addition to sleeplessness and occasionally hallucinations. Considering that sleeping pills are fairly broadly approved in society, very few individuals think that they’ve got a problem with addiction and require treatment to get themselves off of these kinds of drugs.

Sleeping pills really need to be handled carefully by the American public, particularly as more reports of Xanax addiction are becoming common. Sleeping pills are dangerous drugs, particularly if combined with other drugs or alcohol which increases the impact of all of the substances. For anyone who is dealing with problems related to Xanax withdrawals, the best way for getting off of the drug without any complications is to do so at a Florida Xanax rehab center. Check out for more info on Xanax.

Aug 12

Post traumatic stress disorder and Addiction in Women

The proportion of women that suffer from drug addiction together with a variety of mental health issues like PTSD, anxiety and depressive disorder issues is much greater than it actually is for men. That signifies that there exists a pretty obvious link between mental health problems and drug or alcohol addiction in women. Many females are afflicted by these types of mental problems because they had been sometimes physically or sexually mistreated and it causes them to turn to alcohol and drugs to handle the stress. These females will need to receive dual diagnosis treatment when they go to drug rehab so that they can be cared for correctly. Many of these women may also have to be put into a separate womens program because a great number of their psychological triggers are related to the opposite gender. Check out for more information on women’s programs.

Problems Affecting Females

All through history, women were encouraged to self-medicate to cope with their emotional issues and the physical symptoms of the menstrual cycle. In combination with all of that suggested self-medication, women are put through far more psychological abuse and sexual abuse than males are which in turn triggers stress and anxiety. The most popular treatment for anxiety and stress is psychotropic drugs like Xanax or valium which are prescribed to settle these females down, instead of attempting to treat these symptoms holistically.


A lot of people imagine troops returning from war whenever they think of somebody being affected by Post traumatic stress disorder, but the reality is more often today it’s women who have been physically, sexually or psychologically mistreated who suffer from the disorder. Females battle with Post traumatic stress disorder all the time and it generally goes unnoticed by the American public. The women affected by this mental disorder are much more prone to drinking alcohol more and healing themselves with prescription medications like Xanax and other benzodiazepines. These individuals can consequently become dependent on these pills and wind up abusing them for most of their own lives.

Drug Addiction in Women

Research recently done by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse found that women are more easily addicted to drugs and alcohol than men. Men have more water in their bodies to dilute drugs which enter the body, women have more fatty tissue that hold the chemicals longer which can cause them to become addicted to drugs or alcohol after a much smaller dose as compared to males. Women feel the effects of drugs and alcohol sooner and even more intense compared to men.

The problem with a lot of drug addiction cases involving females is they are suffering from more than just the substance issue. Oftentimes, females require dual diagnosis treatment programs at rehabilitation facilities so that they can treat the mental health issues beyond the physical drug or alcohol addiction. In order to get to the real root of their addictions, a womens program can help these women figure out what emotional trigger is causing them to use drugs. By treating both problems at the same time, these women will have a much better chance of making a full recovery. Check out more information on dual diagnosis.

Aug 12

Enjoying Delray’s New Burger Haven

With the summer season upon us, folks are rushing to southern Florida to take in the fun and sun. Once they get back from a long outing on the water or playing on the beach front, they normally are very hungry. As every red-blooded American has learned, there isn’t any better meal to fulfill the hunger which builds up over a long summer afternoon than a hamburger, French fries, as well as an cold draught beer. Thankfully, there’s a brand new restaurant that has opened on Delray Beach’s well-known Atlantic Avenue which specializes in precisely this type of delectable meal. This Delray hamburger restaurant, named BurgerFi, is offering people a burger experience that can’t be located any place else in southern Florida. Along with delicious burgers and sides, BurgerFi provides guests of Delray frozen custard that’s the ideal cap to a long summer afternoon.

Quality Ingredients

There are many reasons why BurgerFi has quickly become one of southern Florida’s hottest burger spots. To begin with, the managers of BurgerFi went through painstaking steps to ensure that the actual beef they’re using in their distinct burgers are of the finest quality. One of the ways they ensured this was by requiring the cattle they utilized in their burgers were completely steroid and growth-hormone free. Additionally, the cattle used by BurgerFi are free range livestock, which means they aren’t stored in a cage all day every day. This method, while certainly much more time consuming and costly, is the only way to obtain the sort of delectable ground beef it takes to craft a great burger. As well as using only the highest level of quality meats, BurgerFi went out of their way yet again to make certain that their particular French fries lived up to the standard of their burgers. At BurgerFi, you’ll instantly remember why you feel in love with this most essential of American dishes.

Delicious Craft Ales

In addition to offering people an incredible selection of high quality meals, BurgerFi is very pleased to offer diners an unbelievable variety of ice cold draught craft beers. These types of beers, which are meant to be followed by certain menu items to add to the all round experience of your dinner, are not your typical light beers which you’ll find in your fridge. Rather, these kinds of homemade brews have been meticulously selected from brewers around the nation to make certain that BurgerFi is only offering the most flavorful and tasty beers to go with their remarkable burgers. Even if you are not really a fan of burgers and French fries, BurgerFi is among the best places in Delray Beach to come and hang out with buddies while enjoying a tasty, ice cold draught beer.

Delray Hamburger Eatery, BurgerFi, is rapidly becoming a neighborhood hotspot for people to come and savor a delicious hamburger and beer in south Florida. If you’re down here on vacation this summer vacation, you’d be wise to stop by and experience what all the local buzz is about. Should you be local to the Delray Beach area, it’s high time you stop by and find out exactly what other people are talking about. BurgerFi gives visitors of Delray frozen custard as an option, as well, to help them cool off from the scorching sun. There is nothing more American than a well constructed hamburger, freshly cut French fries, and an ice cold beer. At BurgerFi in Delray Beach, Florida, you will find this American cooking staple the way it was meant to be. Find a Delray burger restaurant near you.