October, 2012

Oct 12

Alcohol Abuse Hinders Recovery from Stress Related Disorders

It’s not unusual for people to want to quiet their nerves by having stiff drink. However, this could potentially be completely counterproductive for individuals who would like to get over devastating experiences or life changes. Research conducted recently that is located in the journal of Nature Neuroscience has discovered how heavy alcohol consumption affects the brain so as to make it much harder for individuals fighting alcoholism to overcome a traumatic incident.

Drunk And Sober Mice

The investigation was done by a instructor of pharmacology from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, along with a scientist from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). To carry out the study, one faction of mice was given a quantity of alcohol that equals the amount to put a human two times over the authorized driving limit. Being the control group, another set of mice was kept sober. Researchers then utilized a conditioning approach in which they induced mild electric shocks to generate the fear of a noise. Once the tone was sounded continuously without the accompaniment of the shock, researchers discovered a significant difference in the length of time it took for the two groups to not be distressed by the noise. The alcohol free faction eventually stopped being fearful of the sound, while the mice with alcohol exposure were troubled for a long period of time after the electric shocks had stopped.


The researchers learned that the reaction the group of mice with alcohol exposure displayed what looked like how individuals who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) respond fearfully in circumstances which are not threatening. When looking at the nerve cells within the brains of both groups of mice, scientists discovered that the cells of the alcohol-exposed rodents had been morphed into a different structure. Further more, the capabilities of important circuits in the brain were stifled inside the inebriated mice. Alcohol demonstrated to possess debilitating effects on both the emotional processes of the subjects and also the molecular operates inside the brain.


These findings were incredibly useful given that they present exactly where abusive drinking is linked to problems of conquering trauma in the brain and how heavy alcohol consumption is only able to briefly conceal the anguish of anxiety and fear. Through good research, scientists are hoping to find different methods to treat people who have alcoholism and co-occurring anxiety disorders. Sober living is vital in overcoming the unbearable effects of a traumatic event. While the pain of previous incidents may be sometimes excruciating, individuals must take a normal step-by-step approach to be able to truly defeat it.

Oct 12

Over-the-counter Adderall Alternative Lifts Eye brows

The worries of getting superior grades in college drives many students to go to drastic lengths to get any edge they can over their peers. The impact between a 3.4 and a 3.6 GPA may mean getting into or losing out on grad school for students. Amphetamines like Adderall are regularly taken by college students to enable them to focus and stay awake through the night to review prior to tests. Adderall is an addicting substance and always requires a prescription from a doctor to obtain. This will cause individuals to fake signs of ADHD or even sleeping problems as a way to scam doctors into writing prescriptions. Many people misuse the drug and have to attend inpatient drug rehab for drug abuse treatment. Lately, doctors have been more stringent with the medications in order to avoid having their patients abuse the drug. The new scare is the fact that a type of adderall has been developed and its obtainable over the counter for a low price.

The Appeal of AddTabz

AddTabz is a new substance intended to simulate the effects of adderall and has been authorized as an over the counter substance. University students who’ve been declined by doctors for adderall will now be able to purchase addtabz online and avoid dealing with doctors completely. The actual substance is also relatively cheap and can be purchased in containers of twenty, forty or sixty pills at a time. The product advertises that it produces all the positive effects individuals look for in adderall including elevated energy levels and focus, minus the negative side effects including sleeplessness and dependency.

Harvard Newspaper Site Pulls Ad for AddTabz

The pressure to succeed at Harvard is arguably even more intensive than almost every other university in the united states. College students at Harvard are very competitive and often will do whatever it takes to gain an advantage over their peers. In the spring 2012 semester around half of a 279 student class was found to have cheated on the final assessment. The pressures of doing well at Harvard make medications like adderall or addtabz really appealing. The Harvard Crimson Newspaper’s web page started displaying banner ads of Addtabz a couple weeks ago and has not long ago removed them following news of addtabz controversial content leaked online. Many individuals have called the product “counterfeit adderall” and that the FDA should shut down the company for offering prescription drugs without prescriptions.

Side-effects of AddTabz Remain to be observed

Considering that the product is so new to the marketplace, the effects of using it are still unknown. The drug claims to not produce any of the negative side effects of adderall, yet is probably still unsafe. A few people have claimed that after merely one week of using AddTabz, their tolerance of the pill had raised.

In case the drug turns out to be just counterfeited adderall, the company will probably get in lots of difficulties for selling it without a prescription. Many students may also will need to go through drug abuse treatment at an inpatient drug rehab center after developing a dependancy to the pill. Stress in school will continue to cause students to take risks on drugs like AddTabz, and that’s why they ought to be offered by prescription only. Go to https://www.thewatershed.com/resource/drug-abuse-treatment/ for more info on drug abuse treatment.

Oct 12

Cartel Smugglers Still Avoid American Narcotic Enforcement

In the ongoing struggle of keeping dangerous narcotics from coming into the usa, the U.S Coast Guard and DEA now are having a far more hard time. Latin American cartels now have upgraded their own technologies for getting drugs by way of the Pacific Ocean and directly into the United states. The cartel’s smuggling rate of success is estimated to be at the very least seventy-five percent at the moment because of a transition from semi submersible water crafts to totally submersible crafts. These new subs can bring a payload of as much as ten tons of cocaine from South America to The United States with no need of actually breaking the surface of the water. This innovative technology may cause a substantial rise in cocaine abuse in America. Nearly Five hundred tons of cocaine got into the us via these kinds of subs last year and the amount may grow again this year. Florida cocaine rehab facilities will probably have difficulty managing the amount of new patients they’ll receive.

Consistently A Step Ahead

Through the Eighties and early 90s cocaine became very popular in the states, mainly due to the abundance of the drug. Colombian cartels would ship cocaine by way of the Caribbean Sea and into Miami by using go-fast boats. By the middle of the 1990s the Coast Guard managed to seize most of these speed boats since they had upgraded their radar systems and could identify the boats quite easily. The cartel didn’t surrender however and switched from go-fast boats to semi submersible crafts which were undetectable by the radar. These semi submersibles ended up being more expensive and were not able to make shipments as quickly, however till a few years ago, they were almost impossible to capture. In the past couple of years, the Coast Guard have been able to capture more of these crafts using a thermal technology which was successful since the crafts were just beneath the surface of the water.

The New Narco Submarine

Never to be outdone by the Coast Guard or any other Drug Enforcement organizations, Latin American cartels now have improved their technology and they are now trafficking drugs using fully submersible ships. These types of new superior subs are manufactured from fiberglass as well as kevlar and may drive as far as Three hundred ft . below the water, while holding a crew and about 10 tons of cocaine. Within the past few years, the Coast Guard has captured a small number of these fully submersible crafts and most were because they were all but abandoned on the surface of the water.

The dilemma is that the cartels have accumulated so much revenue using this drug trafficking that they could continually improve their technologies and alter their techniques to continue to avoid authorities. These kinds of new subs make up a serious problem for drug enforcement in the usa and may create a rapid increase in cocaine abuse. Florida cocaine rehab centers will be on high alert for the next couple of years until the Coast Guard can discover a method to prevent the new subs used by the cartels. Go to https://www.thewatershed.com/resource/florida-cocaine-rehab/ for more info on Florida cocaine rehab.