Abdominal Exercises with TT AAA Abs Workout A

CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! www.turbulencetrainingforabs.com Now that you are warmed up, you’re going to start this workout with a tri-set or a mini circuit. Move right into the maximum number of underhanded grip chin-ups in perfect form. With your palms facing toward you and your hands about shoulder width apart or slightly wider, pull yourself up so your chin is over the bar. Pull up and slowly back down. If you can’t do chin-ups, you can substitute these with underhand inverted rows or you can skip this one. For inverted rows, set your bar up and grip the bar with your palms facing back. Row your chest up to the bar and back down. Do the maximum amount of reps. Without rest, move immediately into push-ups. Again, you’ll do the maximum number of push-ups as you can for this. When you do these, you’ll probably only going to be able to do about 60-70% of your normal maximum push up number. Move immediately into dumbbell forward lunges, alternating sides. You can either do these in the same place or do walking lunges. Rest 1 minute and repeat this circuit 1 more time. This is a little bit of competition for your grip, so you won’t have great results in the second round, but after you’ve done this workout for a couple of weeks, you will see improvement with your performance with the second round, especially in the number of push-ups after doing the chin-ups. In the next superset you will start with dumbbell step-ups. Put one foot up onto a bench and pull yourself up by

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  1. your breathing really hard

  2. can you teach more lower back, oblek, muscles, the lower back and oblek and lower abs are my weakest part of my body, i have no muscle whats so ever.

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