Addressing The Issue Of How Long Does It Take To Get Your Passport

It may be time to stop wondering how long does it take to get your U.S. passport, and get on with applying. If you do this, you will come across the various options and time frames for issue. It is a fact of life that if you want to cross international boundaries, you are going to need this document to do so.


There are certain types of identification that are acceptable. A current driving license can be used. Passports that have already been issued but are out of date will also be accepted. If you have some form of identification that has been certified by the government, you can submit this as proof of your identity.

Application Forms

Taking care to fill out the application form is a small and overlooked way of speeding up the process. It is more likely that a form that has been well filled out will be processed and takes less time to deal with than something that is difficult to read. Photographs will also be needed, and should have been taken no longer than six months ago. If you’re replacing a stolen U.S. online passport, you will need a different form.

Postal Applications

Using the postal system will mean that you are looking at a time frame of around six weeks for issue. This is adequate for most people who are organized and who are planning their travels. However, sometimes the unexpected crops up and it is necessary to travel at short notice. For those in this boat and without this document, there are other options.

Fast Passport

At the other end of the scale, it is possible to have this document in a couple of weeks or even in one day. There is a service most agencies run to accommodate this rapid processing. It is known as expediting. Be aware that the cost of this service will rise significantly, depending on how soon you would like to have your document. A general rule of thumb is that the shorter the time frame in which this travel document is processed and delivered, the more you can expect to pay.

Additional Costs

These costs are mainly to do with shipping the final product to a specified address. They cover the costs of getting a document out in record time. It is good to be aware of the fact that you will have to pay a whole lot extra to get a passport in no time at all.

Processing Times

Estimating processing times is possible. Mainly, they depend on the time of year any application is made. In vacation periods, there will be many more people travelling. The amount of applications peaks during this period. For postal services, it can take up to eight weeks at these times for delivery to happen. In the case where you are using an extra quick service and paying for it, you will have to be realistic about the volume of material couriers have to deal with.

It is possible to obtain a passport in one day. This involves arriving at an office of issue, making an application and waiting for it to be issued. You can stop wondering and asking yourself how long does it take to get your United States passport by following one simple rule of thumb. It depends on how soon you want it. If you are willing to pay extra and up into hundreds of dollars, it is possible to have it in one day. It is also useful to bear in mind that time frames are estimates, and nothing can be guaranteed. You can also replace a stolen passport this way.

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