Bangalore – A Remarkable Location

Bangalore in considered the epicenter of India’s information technology industry. Bangalore is also commonly referred to as the Garden City. The city features an interesting combination of natural beauty and technology thanks to their lush gardens and fast-paced tech industry. If planning a trip to Bangalore it is important to remember to fill out a U.S. passport application as one is required for travel there.

Preparing For Travel

There are so many things that people dread about trip preparation, and getting a passport is certainly one of them. Avoid the stress and go online to get your passport. All sorts of services are available. For example, you can get passport replacements if your passport has been stolen, lost, or damaged. You can also get passport renewals if your passport is expired. The best part is that all the services are expedited – meaning you get them as quickly as you need them.

Things To Do

The famous Wonder La Amusement park in Bangalore has become one of its most sought out tourist attractions offered. The park offers many fun attractions and water rides. It offers entertainment for visitors of all ages. Compared to some other amusements parks it is known as one of the cleanest around. There are also a number of wonderful restaurants inside of the park patrons can enjoy dining at.

Religious Sites

In addition to amusement parks, Bangalore also offers religious and cultural venues. India’s main religious tradition is Hinduism; this means that there are dedicated temples devoted to many deities. There are temples throughout the country dedicated to specific deities. A visit to a Hindu temple is a must when in Bangalore. There is the Iskcon Sri Radha Krishna-Chandra temple. This temple is known for its serene and peaceful atmosphere. The temple features six shrines and the whole complex is awe inspiring. Depending on the dates you plan your vacation you may be there during one of the many festivals, if this is the case there is much celebration and authentic Indian food to be had.


As mentioned before, Bangalore is known for it’s natural beauty. True nature lovers can make the trip to the gorgeous Shivasamudram Falls. It’s recommended that you bring a picnic lunch with sandwiches and water in order to enjoy a relaxing picnic with the beautiful views.


No visit to Bangalore is complete without a trip to one of the many gardens within Garden City. Lalbagh Botanical Garden is one such garden. This 240-acre garden features more than 1000 species of plants as well as trees that are over 100 years old. The Botanical Gardens is a nice retreat from the industriousness of the city. Bannerghatta National park is another great place for nature lovers. Those visiting can even take a ‘safari’ and check out the animal life residing at the park. Make sure you have kid pasports so you can take your kids.

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