CLICK HERE for a FREE Workout!! This workout will include barbell complexes. So, instead of doing long, slow boring cardio, you are going to do a much shorter and faster way of doing it that is also fun. This workout is also a good replacement for interval training, bodyweight circuits, or high intensity cardio. In this 6×6 workout, you will do six exercises for six repetitions each. To start out, you’ll do a Barbell Squat. So, place the barbell up across your shoulders,push your hips back, squat down, and drive up. Up next is the Overhead Raise. Place the bar in front of you at shoulder height, and raise the barbell up overhead. Following six reps of the overhead raise, you’ll now do a Front Squat. So, the same as the first type of squat, with the exception that the bar bell will now be held across your chest. Once you’ve finished the squat exercise, you’ll go right into the Wide Grip Upright Row or a High Pull. The narrow grip is too rough on your shoulders. Next up is the Romanian Deadlift. Place the barbell down across your thighs, and with a slight bend in the knees, push your hips back. Finishing off the workout you will do a conventional Deadlift for six reps. That’s it for the circuit. Rest one minute and then go through it two more times. So, if you don’t fee like doing a bodyweight circuit, traditional interval training, or high intensity cardio, then this is a great alternative. Visit Turbulence Training to get your FREE sample fat

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  1. 55lbs? those are 5lb training plates. that bar might even be wooden. it didn’t make a sound. maybe you aren’t using it enough and judging from the amount of machines you have, I am right.

  2. @ShirtsAreGreat uhh what gym are you goin to…

  3. @nameht55 are you kidding me? look at how skinny they are and yes they do make 15 pound weights. 45 pound weights are like.. 3 times wider than those. funny how that works.

  4. @ShirtsAreGreat wow if those are 15 pounds then im the last airbender…… no they’re definetley 45 pounds they dont even have 15 pound weights in any legitimate gym. look how big they are

  5. @nameht55 those arent 45 pound weights on the sides. those are 15′s.

  6. @ShirtsAreGreat it actually is 135- not even close to 75.. 45 pound bar + 2. 45lb weights

  7. I did this workout earlier today and I felt like I burned 200 calories in 2 minutes.

    Can you make an approximation on how many calories I might have burned using a 65 pound weight? trying to factor in for my calorie counting.


  8. @junmae808 thats 75 pounds not 135.

  9. is this more effective in losing body fat?? im not doing any off day cardio now…just barbell complex after my resistance training

  10. ValleyOfChrome2112

    @ruktastic, that is a push press, its the same as shoulder/overhead press. You’re thinking of a power snatch

  11. What weight is it in total?

  12. whats the difference between romanian and regular deadlifts?

  13. Heavy weight or not-it`s not about the weight here. Good instructions, although he could have said that he did only one push press.

  14. he did one push press to get to shoulder press position so as not to strain his shoulders from the back position. He says upright rows, but even admits that its really a high pull. I really can’t see how this is poorly instructed

  15. Complexes are usually done with the bar, or 85-95 pounds

  16. i would say just do the barbell. It’s 45 lbs.

  17. are you dumb do you see the thickness of the plates?thats no more than 80lbs

  18. Its not. Those plates are plastic.

  19. hes pretty darn strong for his weight I’d say. If that’s 135 lbs..or maybe I’m just weak lol

  20. how heavy is the barbell ?

  21. Very informative and realistic. Thank You for sharing. Bless you.

  22. Good routine, tried it today…gets the heart pumping good!

  23. You guys should try watching the Randy Couture Grappling Circuit, it’s a barbell complex as well but much better.

  24. That’s not a push press and that is not a row! This might be the most boring and poorly instructed video I’ve watched.

  25. I say give credit where credit is due.. I respect the work of Mr. Javorek.

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