Beginners Workout Beginners Workout using the Turbulence Training System. You only need a dumbbell, a stability ball, and a mat to do this workout. The first beginners workout exercise is the dumbbell squat. You can pair that with a dumbbell shoulder press. The next superset in the beginner workout is the dumbell row and stability ball leg curl pair. This is a simple beginners workout you can do in the comfort of your own home with minimal equipment. For more fat burning workouts you can do at home, visit

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  1. u sound like a fuckin retard

  2. witnessforfitness

    Would you recommend a harder or softer stability ball?

  3. if the knee protrudes over the toes theres alot of pressure on the knee

  4. That looked a little more intermediate than beginner to me.

  5. Turbulance training is his name brand. The exercises and actual aorkouts are as generic as they come. Nothing speacial. So, I guess there are alot of workouts that are ‘ similar ‘ to turbulence training.

  6. Actually it’s okay if the knee glides forward over the toe. When you think about it, more often than not during daily tasks when bending or squatting the kneed is over the toe.

  7. good stuff! will be trying the intermediate workout… the audio and lighting is terrible though, can you get a clip-on mic to plug into the video camera?

  8. MichaelERutherford

    Lol. Same!

  9. MichaelERutherford

    I agree. Not perfect form there. This guy’s brilliant though. Check out his videos, his Twitter and his blog etc. Its really informative and he seems like a nice guy. I don’t do the TT programme but do some similar workouts. Good stuff

  10. thanks hon! as someone with limited space..this is greatly appreciated!!

  11. doing the squat all wrong man… your knees shouldnt protrude over your toes. its supposed to be a 90 degree angle.

  12. Liked the material but the Sound Quality was BRUTAL.

  13. Man that leg curl with the ball was hard..that was beginner…

  14. Dude…rad

  15. Ronaldr5 – Thank you for the very nice words.

    576432d – More videos to come!

    Shakaama – Happy New Year to you too!

    Dennythetrainer – Best wishes to you as
    well. I’ll have a look.

  16. Craig is the best. His works outs are very simple and enjoyable and he seems very down to earth. After watching a few videos, going to his website and starting TT training, I became a member.

  17. I haven’t got your program YET! But have been following your advice, this gives me a great place to start.

  18. I’m in my 4th month of your 6 month bodyweight only workout program ( I love it ! ) Problem is I’m 52, 6’2″ 209lbs with some joint pain and cannot perfom certain important exercises..pull ups/chins,certain push ups and the single leg squats…do I stay in phase 4 until I can perfom them or keep ” cheating ” and move on ?

  19. great one, as always

  20. happy new year craig.

    i don’t know why i never go to your website. i always go to that asian kids website. i’ll go to yours now. I love all your videos.

  21. Hey Craig, as a personal trainer and boxing coach I have realized over the years that people simply don’t know what to do or how to start.

    Starting to teach from the beginning is the way to go.

    Good luck for 2009.

    Check out my Channel and let me know what you think.


  22. Nice video Craig…good introduction for beginners to have an idea of the great home workout programs.

    Nice looking flat screen btw.


  23. thanks craig

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