bodyweight butt exercises

CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! This video is the bodyweight series to build a better butt and all of the exercises will be done standing up. The first exercise is the wide stance squat. By positioning yourself in a wide stance you are more easily able to push your hips back, helping to work the back of your legs more when you squat. So in this butt exercise, push your hips back while squatting down and squeezing your glutes, and then come back up. In the next bodyweight exercise targeting your butt that you will perform is the Waiter’s Bow. With this exercise you want to take one hand and pinch the skin of your lower back, while taking the other hand and placing it across your chest. In this position, you will bow forward as if you were a waiter at a table and squeeze your glutes to come back up. Only bend as far over as you can while still squeezing an inch of skin from your lower back at the bottom position with your hips pushed back. If you’re inflexible, then you’ll more than likely feel a stretch in your hamstrings as well. After the first two butt exercises you’ll move on to a split squat, or also known as the stationary lunge. To perform this exercise, place one foot forward, and one foot backward.Drop your hips straight down and squeeze the glute and the quadriceps of that front leg to come back up. You back leg will be used solely for balance. The next bodyweight exercise is a little more dynamic and it’s known as the reverse lunge

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