CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! This is workout C of the TT Bodyweight Cardio program and it is truly cardiovascular exercise done with only bodyweight exercises, so no equipment is necessary. These exercises will help to improve your strength and mobility much better than any regular cardio training could. The Crazy 8 Bodyweight 300 Cardio Circuit encompasses 8 bodyweight exercises in circuit fashion that you are going to go through 3 times. Between the number of repetitions and in the number of seconds held it’s 300 total seconds and repetitions each time you complete a circuit. So start with 60 classic jumping jacks at a nice and fast pace. Go out to the balls of your heels and back in, and be sure that your hands go up above your head and then immediately down into spiderman pushups. A spiderman pushup is a regular pushup and as you go down, your knee comes up to your elbow, alternating sides. Once you get up, you’re going to do walking lunges. Step out and down, walking forward in a straight line, while getting a stretch in the hip flexor region. After you’ve completed your walking lunges, you’re going to go down and do spiderman climbs. To do these, start in the pushup position, and bring your foot up beside your hand or whatever you’re comfortable with given your flexibility. So, if you’re inflexible, then just go half way and work your way up. Always keep your abs braced and your hips low. After the spiderman climbs, place your back

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  1. tried it today, man this workout is KILLING! i did not expect it to be this heavy.
    very good, thanks. will try to keep doing it 3 times a week after weight training.

  2. Is this good cardio for getting abs???

  3. TheSavannahlewis

    I love this video. I also love your Allstars :) I subscribed and I’m sharing the news!

  4. how many spider man push ups?

  5. I was breathing hard after the 3 circuit, damn .-.

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  7. omg…
    i can only do one set.

    i feel like i’m gonna die!

  8. Theres faster way to bw cardio with sakuraba workout

  9. Can i do this on my cardio days as cardio, won’t affect my recovery from lifting will it?

  10. Im fairly unfit and decided to change my habits. I can get through only one set and feel like dying in a good way. so ill do one set a day until i can get up 2 sets then do that every second day. Ive never sweated from any other cardio or weight session. even my eyes are sore ahahaha

  11. i love this workout. i just finished it 5 minutes again for the 2nd day I’ve done this circuit. This is my workout for when I can’t make it to the gym!

  12. I love your program! I am considering buying your TT book, but I am curious if you split up bodyweight cardio/strength training? Or is the interval training 3 times a week all you do? Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

  13. @atammarco yes because every set builds on the one before. If you’re absolutely dying by the 2nd set than take a 90 or 120 second rest between the 2nd and 3rd set.

  14. ): He doesn’t say how many push-ups/lunges etc to do..

  15. if i perform 2 on 3 of these will it be good for my bf%? is the difference between doin 2 sets and 3 sets really high?

  16. how is this one for bf% ??

  17. neverbackdown1994

    holy shit i do football baseball and used to wrestle and play hockey… this is by far one of the hardest workouts u will ever do at home or at a gym

  18. #8 High Knees: Done as fast as possible. Do 50 total. I just count when my right leg hits the ground for 25. It is hard to count both legs for 50 since you are going fast. You will be dying about 1/2 way through.

  19. #4 Spiderman Climb: I do a total of 20 of these (10 per side) I really feel these in my abs and obliques.
    #5 Wall Squat: Do for 45-60 seconds. This hurts! Don’t rest your hands upon your legs, since it makes it easier.
    #6 Planks: Do for 60 seconds. Tough after doing all these other exercises without rest.
    #7 Burpees: Make sure and do a full pushup at the bottom and explode as high as pssible at the top into a jump.

  20. #1 60 Jumping Jacks: Done as fast as possible, but make sure you do full jumping jacks.
    #2 15-20 Spiderman Pushups: I’m just doing normal pushups until they become too easy. Typically it is a breeze for me to do 40+ pushups, but it is much tougher when you do these with zero rest in between jumping jacks.
    #3 Walking Lunges: I take 20 steps total. This is the easiest part of the workout in my opinion.

  21. I’m confused here… he doesn’t say how many reps to do of the Spiderman Pushups, walking lunges, etc.

  22. @blood933

    If you do this, and burn more calories than you take in, you will lose fat from all over your body. Your body will burn fat in the order it was put on, the first place you stored fat will be the last to go. (generally)

  23. how many times a week should you do this workout..does this really make you lose your gut???

  24. Crazy eight three hundred.?

    Three hundred, becuase you have to be a spartan to do them?

  25. @mjmyo11 It can help. This is just one of many routines in TT. If you want to lose the gut (fat) drop the calories you are eating (Nutrition) and exercise to maintain your muscle mass and to burn extra fat. Resistance training (lots of TT videos on that) is best to maintain muscle and increase fat burning.

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