Bodyweight Circuit Workout Bodyweight circuit workout using the Turbulence Training System. You don’t need any equipment to do this workout. All you need to do the bodyweight circuit workout is your bodyweight! The first bodyweight exercise is the Prisoner Squat. You can follow that with classic pushup exercise. The next exercise in the bodyweight circuit workout is prisoner lunge and then close grip pushup. You can also do reverse lunges and mountain climbers and then finish off the bodyweight circuit with jumping jacks. This is a simple bodyweight workout you can do in the comfort of your own home with no equipment (or outside in the snow!). For more fat burning workouts you can do at home, visit

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  1. what’s about in the rain ,how to do,It’s very strong rain:I feel bad ,dont have space for exercise–!

  2. haven’t you ever watched any movies with cops and guns and all this shit? :D
    police calls something like don’t move you are under arrest! place your hands behind your head and look at the wall. well he places his hands behind his head as well, thats why they r called “prisoner squats” ;)
    btw they ask you to do that to be able to see what might be coming upon them e.g. pull a knife.
    hope i could help you, greetz.

  3. noonevincecarterfan

    Bally looks to be in shape as well

  4. they call them prisoner squats because that is how they strip search you in prison after a visit, you have to squat down just like he did in the video.

  5. hmm, i wonder why they call them “prisoner squats”?

  6. awesome!! you always inspire me. :)

  7. Craig,
    How many reps of each exercise do you suggest? (You may have mentioned it but I missed it.)

  8. Bally definitely gets his exercise in at the park! I’m glad you are enjoying the videos.

  9. Bally went to do some sprint intervals

  10. dude nice vid but your dog was too funny

  11. yeh man u are crazy but u bring the people the shiz they need :) thanks


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