Bodyweight Exercises to Burn Fat Without Cardio Exercise

Visit Turbulence Training to get your FREE sample fat burning workout. Click here to get started: And to get access to the #1 weight loss secret of social support and to ask Craig Ballantyne your weight loss questions, visit the Turbulence Training Membership site here Bodyweight exercise training is a cheap, fast, and effective way to burn fat without cardio exercise. You really dont need to go to a gym if you want to lose weight, burn belly fat, and get a flat stomach. You know why? Because the truth is that diet is the most important part of fat loss, and as long as you have a good diet and you are eating fewer calories than you need, youll be able to lose weight and burn belly fat with almost any program. But in todays crazy economy, most folks dont have the money to join a gym or get a personal trainer or have a treadmill at home, so we have to find cheaper and even FREE ways to burn belly fat. So I want to give you this seven exercise bodyweight circuit that really targets the body for fat loss. We dont need any fancy equipment, and you can do this in the comfort of your own home, anytime of the day. You could also do it while traveling. Below is an outline of the seven-exercise circuit 1)Jumping Jacks 2)Y-squat 3)Spiderman Push-up 4)Reverse Lunge 5)Plank-to-Push-up 6)Prisoner Siff Squat 7)Cross Body Mountain Climber For each of these exercises you will want to perform 8-12 repetitions and if you are really strong and fit

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  1. @rmpsofly1 yes

  2. can you do those on the wall the spider man pushups?

  3. very effectively presented.. no unnecessary longwinded explanations at the beginning like most others do. just cut to the chase and boom! thank you

  4. @Jewscape12 you do better!!!! fucking prick

  5. idrawbetterthanyouXD

    so this is good for fat loss, like you can use this as sort of a warmup then do a full workout to build more muscle?

  6. Enjoyed this video. Will be looking at the rest of the videos without any machines as I hope to be doing some of the exercises at home.

  7. @MikeArens That’s pretty much how it works! haha : )

  8. @holymeme sos bboying

  9. Look at this Van Dam wannabe mother fucker trying to educate.

  10. ok sooo i dont know english very much but what i uderstand is to do all that workout without rest untill you finish the circuit then rest? and start over? for 5 times?

  11. thanks for posting great exercises!

  12. @MikeArens thats exactly what ive been doing for the past 12 years of workin out and it did prove to be correct.

  13. parkour is a lot funner

  14. @MikeArens You made me LOL with the first item, Piss should be crystal clear, and that is true haha

  15. Excellent work Craig! Thanks for the relevant circuit training info!

  16. Hahahanoseriously

    This guy is an idiot, this is cardio. Do you hear him panting? Just because you arent jogging around in a circle doesnt mean you aren’t doing a form of cardio.


    yesss if u want to loose weight is not easy u have to stop eatng fastfood junkfood candy and quit sodas i know it sucks oh and cardio so good luck withthat my friend ill eat the juicy burgers for you :)

  18. @ThisIsJustinSo Losing fat is not an easy feat to accomplish. Simply doing exercises won’t contribute to major changes in fat loss. Everything has to do with diet, as 80% of fat loss starts in the kitchen.

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  20. Can you do this and no cardio at all, and lose fat?

  21. what was the one with the medicine ball?

  22. TheIntoxicatinglove

    @averycoolname -xD LOL i know right!

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