CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT This is workout A of the BW Cardio program. In the first superset, you’ll start out with two of the hardest bodyweight exercises. The first exercise is the Single Leg Squat. All I want you to do is squat as low as you can with good form and then pair that with a series of Pullups. So, for the 1-leg squat, stand on one foot, with your other knee slightly bent and your hands out in front for balance. From here you willpush your hips back and squat down, using your glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps to come back up. Now, if that exercise is too difficult for you, then if you have a band you can wrap it around a bar and use it for balance. Otherwise you can do a regular split squat. If you’re strong enough to do regular pullups then you will try to do 12 repetitions. This will be very difficult to do for three sets, but do your best. To get in position, grab an overhand grip and from a dead hang position, pull your chest up to the bar, squeezing your shoulder blades together at the top. If you’re unable to do pullups, then you will do assisted pullups. You’ll need to set the bar at head height for this exercise. Next, squat down and then pull yourself up, using as much of your upper body as possible. Go through these this superset three times in total, resting one minute after completing each set. Visit Turbulence Training to get your FREE sample fat burning workout. Click here to get started

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  1. working out with convereses

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  3. if you do cardio only, dont take the protein shake, your body wont need as much protein so your wasting your protein powder! your body needs 1g of protein per kg of your weight so if you meet your protein level in your diet you dont need a shake.

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  5. You won’t be building much muscle from drinking protein shakes and doing cardio, you have to lift weights also.

    If you’re aiming to lose weight you don’t need to drink protein shakes A good diet is a better solution combined with a plenty of cardio.

  6. hmm doesnt sound too bad lol. thanks man

  7. well, cardio works on getting rid of body fat… protein drinks give you calcium which helps build muscle.
    so if you’re doing cardio and drinking protein drinks then you’ll be building more muscle while losing body fat

  8. if im tring to slim down and get thinner should i still taking protein drinks if im doing mostly cardio?

  9. Thanks =]

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