CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! This is the interval section for phase 2. Interval training is when you do a period of hard work followed by a period of easy work. Although I do prefer the stationary bike for interval training, I’m going to demonstrate on the treadmill how to properly do interval training workouts in phase 2 of my Turbulence Training workouts. A good time to do your interval workouts is immediately after your strength training session. That way you only have 3 full training days per week. With that being said, after you’ve finished strength training workout “A”, you’ll move into the interval portion for workout “A”. Start by warming up for 5 minutes at a progressive pace and then you are going to go 45 seconds at a hard 8.5-9 intensity level, followed by 90 seconds at an easy 3/10 intensity level. You want to make sure you bring it down to a nice and easy pace during your recovery. This will ensure that you are able to go really hard during the hard portion. That counts as one interval and you will repeat that 5 more times for a total of 6 intervals. For interval workout “B”, you’ll again start with your 5 minute warm-up and then move into 60 seconds of hard work followed by 90 seconds of recovery. This time, however, your hard interval will not be as difficult at it was in interval workout “A”, but still at a pretty good pace that allows you to do 60 seconds of hard work. As a side note, you always want to be able to finish

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  1. mycheesesteak – You want to go at about an 80%of what your hardest could be.

  2. Hate critisising bt an incline of at least 1 is needed to equal that of sea level. However benifits will be masive if you slowly increace. Incline as sea leavel is still realy flat. Also this method of interval only just about trains the CV system its mainly ATPPC and lactate tolerance training. sorry

  3. What % might a hard for 20 min workout be done at.

  4. hardstylerproviider

    awsome!! thanks for the tips :)

  5. rofl

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