DIET Vs EXERCISE Episode 2: Fat Loss Diet versus Best Cardio Workout to Burn Belly Fat

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  1. I just ate some string cheese for a snack before dinner the ONE string cheese I ate was 50 calories, I would of had to do 5 minutes on a stair master to work off that ONE string cheese snack. That’s crazy.

  2. this is a drastic example and has opened my eyes.
    point taken. good job gentlemen

  3. the reason cardio wont work efficiently is because you need to change your diet also… eat healthier so you get less calories and the food you eat actually works for you instead of against you

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  5. I love the when people say enjoy eating junk food because you could die tomarrow. When in reality a large perentage of people in america die from preventable diseases caused by poor diets/habits. Eating this type of “food” doesnt just kill you faster but your kids too. They grow up thinking that this kind of food is normal and become fat and unhealthy. I know that once childred become adults they can choice there own diet but most dont.

  6. This is great. I do high intensity intervals on the STAIRMILL…..kicks my butt for 30 minutes. 200+ calories…great analogy. Thanks.

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  8. I say enjoy it. You could literally be dead tomorrow and your last meal would have been a bowl of rice and a carrot stick. :-)

  9. They really need to look up the calories on stuff. That burger is like 700-800 calories alone.

  10. sounds like he is afraid of food, thats what the diet industry does, makes you afraid of food, when actually you will die without it. but eating stuff like burgers every day is obviously bad~erica

  11. edible cancer sticks, hahaha LMAO!!!!

  12. edible cancer sticks? what an ass haha

  13. that was funny

  14. wow you lost 90 pounds. IM trying to
    lose weight myself.. how many hours
    you worked out a day?

  15. he calls it treadmill in the begining.. so im not surprised d12 is callin it that

  16. lol……..its not a treadmill. its a StairMaster.

  17. what a cool treadmill!

  18. It’s probably because they’re to busy making all of the videos and working out in the gym. For some people it becomes a real obsession, and they spend all their free time on it. My manager at work is obsessed with exercise and eating only health, and most days he just eats soup for lunch. It’s probably putting a strain on his heart by not eating a normal lunch.

  19. i like that ‘cancer stick’ thing XD

  20. PersonalTrainerUK

    What a great series and what a great idea!

    This is the kind of thing You Tube really needs something truly original!

    TOM Godwin
    Foresight Personal Training Manchester

  21. love the series. just added this one to the site too.

    it would take me about 8 hours of hardcore hiking to burn off that many calories which is about the only time I indulge in those foods.

  22. I got it thanks. this is a great Material Thanks again to CB

  23. is it a physical book you ordered or one online?

  24. i don’t understand why people would think that they can eat whatever they want to as long as they workout.. yeah, if you want to maintain or gain a few every couple of weeks or so.. i will NEVER go back to the way that i used to eat or “treat” my body. i used to weigh 270. i changed my eating habits for LIFE. and started working out 6 to 7 days a week. as often as i can. it’s just how i do things now. and i am proud to say that i am at 180 now. i’ve hit a plateau, but i maintain good health.

  25. This is all great but I have to say that I am a little bit offended with Turbulance Training people. A month ago I have purchase the book and I have not received it, worse yet, they do not answer my e-mail when they promise an answer in less than 2 days, that doens look very professional.

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