CLICK HERE FOR A FREE WORKOUT!! www.turbulencetraining.com Today we are going to go over high intensity interval training. You have more than likely heard of HIIT because it’s being used in a lot of workout programs these days for fat loss. This is because the smarter trainers know that you get results faster without the need for slow, boring cardio. HIIT involves any type of sprint exercise that lasts for anywhere between 0 and 90 seconds. Anything longer than two minutes can get into what is known as aerobic training. Usually, however, intervals are in the 15-30 or even 45 second range. This means you go hard for this period of time and follow that with a rest period that is very easy. Keep in mind, one of the biggest mistakes people make when doing their interval training is they don’t drop the intensity down low enough during the recovery period. For example, if you are running at 10mph during the hard phase of your interval and then only drop it down to 8mph during the “easy” portion, then you are really just doing cardio, and not HIIT. So, start out with a 5 minute warm-up and then jump into the HIIT, doing a pace you can maintain for 30-45 seconds. After, bring it down to a very easy recovery pace. Now, it doesn’t matter if you are running at 10 or 12 mph – always bring the intensity down to a 3.5 intensity level to allow your body to properly recover. Repeat this six times, followed by a 5 minute cool down and that’s it. So there is an interval training workout

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  1. how the hell u lot work out how many calories your taking in through the day is beyond me i will be honest. I only eat 2-3 small small small meals a day and my body doesnt ask for any food. Breakfast ill eat carrots and lettuice go for a 2hr workout come back and eat 3 potatoes with gravy and pork or fish! which would take me to around 3pm followed by some snacks like fibre snacks or maybe nothing Rivita with butter and ham on top! then some yakult yogurt or similar variant!

  2. You were very informative. Thank you so much! I like how you were very specific. I’m actually heading to the gym in a few and try it out!

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  4. if u wanna burn muscle also u can do interval training. Just to burn fat morning walks 1h before u eat anything

  5. I have a question? I have been doing HIIT for about 2 months and started by putting my rest as 4.0mph and highest 11.5mph. I decided to raise the recover mph up .1 every 3 days i do it. So, I have reached 6.5mph as resting . Isnt that too much, how can i change it up so my rest wont be too high.?

  6. how long is the recovery pace?

  7. HIIT is a great form of cardio but seems difficult to sustain, my body after about a month to a month and a half physically gets worn out.

  8. fatburning doesnt come from this, well for me i think dieting is 80-90% of your results. Sure you can run for 90% of your max heart rate for 30mins, but without a proper diet you aint goin anywhere boy.

  9. Awesome!! , my regular workouts(cardio/resistance) are just not challenging anymore and I am hoping this is what will take me off the plateu I am on.. can HIT be done more than 3 times a week? I want to lose the last 3 inches in about 3months,and the increased cardio and resistance I have been doing for the last 6 weeks,no results(1/4 inch loss w/balanced diet) I do not want to drop my caloritic intake to below 1200. any reccomendations for resistance HIT?
    Thanks much

  10. I use many different methods to work out, but, HIIT has to be the most effective for me. I have a hereditary neurological disorder that effects my periphiral nervous system, if I work out every day it just makes my weaker. With the HIIT workout, I train 2-3 times a week for 10-30minutes and definitely see gains in strength, endurance and body composition, and it gives my body time to recover. The biggest benefit for me is I can really challenge myself each time I train, a challenge makes it fun.

  11. Thanks for this very clear explanation. Really appreciate it.

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  13. How can I figure out my body fat % ?

  14. @alfapapanovie I agree.

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  18. yea im considerd fat or whatever when im 6 foot 240 and have only 5% fay on me…what the fuck is that?!?!

  19. how about some fking demostrations u fking talk and fking yap for so long that its fking boring u dom fuck

  20. HIIT is awesome and it works! but why cant we go to a store and they just chisel abs in our body.. only if it was that easyy *sigh*

  21. Very true. Theres a term in the fitness industry to make sense out of BMI measurements. Over weight vs over fat. People who would be labled over weight are athletes who are considered ‘fat’ or ‘obese’ who clearly aren’t. Ala 220lb 5’10 muscular RB. This is to counter the in accuracy of BMI. It’s very flawed, and asumes we all have the same body type.

  22. By doing this i can burn fat faster…??
    is this true..??

  23. no rests in between sets

  24. 20 second sprint,
    20 sledge hammer tyre hits on each side,
    20 medicine ball slams.
    ——–one set X3
    20 second sprint,
    20 kettle bell lifts
    20 chin ups
    ——- SET X3
    20 second sprint,
    x20, 25 kg dead lifts
    40 rope slams,
    ———SET x3

    Nine sprints and sets, sprint on high speed, take up incline after each three sets, try to do it under ten 12 minutes,
    If you feel like a champ do the whole thing through a snorkel

  25. Jcommins- Bmi tests are really very standard and dont make allowance for a muscular person who will register as overweight. A much better indicator is a body fat test. You can get a fairly accurate one at your local gym using either calipers or the ones that send a small current through your body.

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