Gain Muscle and Lose Fat with TT Reformed Meatheads Workout 2

CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! This is workout C from the Meathead workout program and it’s a tough one. In this workout you will start with Deadlifts and pair it with Dumbbell Chest Presses to form a powerful first superset. Following that pairing, you will then do a superset of Military Presses and Inverted Rows. That’s it! Now, it may appear to be an easy workout, but all four of these exercises will tire your body in a hurry. So, for the deadlifts, stand directly behind the bar, and place it up against your shins. Now, take a double overhand grip with no straps. Make sure your back is flat and position your chest up, with your heels flat on the ground. Next, pull up and then slowly lower back down. When you’re in the starting position, it’s a really tight powerful position. You’re shoulder blades are over the bar, and then pull up. You’ll find this exercise to be very challenging and really works you hard. Focus on form. The next exercise is the dumbbell chest press. To get in position, lie with your back flat on the bench, and raise the dumbbells up. Make sure to squeeze at the top position, and then slowly lower back down. Take a rest and then repeat the superset two more times. For the last superset of the Meathead workout, again you’ll be pairing Military Presses with Inverted Rows. So, for the first exercise you’ll want to rack the bar at shoulder height. Step underneath the bar, lift it up, and then step out. Now, with your knees

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