Gain Muscle & Burn Fat with the TT 300 SPARTAN WORKOUT

CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! Here is the order of exercises for the Spartan Workout from Men’s Health Magazine. 1.Start with 25 pullups with as little rest as possible. 2.Move immediately into a 135 pound Deadlift for 50 repetitions. 3.After that, do 50 pushups. 4.Once those are done, go immediately into 50 box jumps on a 24 inch platform. 5.From there, go to 50 Floor Wipers. Make sure to bring your feet over to one side, back to the middle and down and then up to the other side for one repetition. 6.Next is 25 Clean Presses with a 36 pound kettlebell. 7.Finish off with 25 more pullups. 300 SPARTAN WORKOUT Craig Ballantyne from Turbulence Training and TTMembers shows us how to get ripped like the stars of the hit movie 300. http

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  1. TheRunescapePlayerz

    @sodahole4 haa haa was about to say that haha, i bet he couldnt do it

  2. WTF?? I bet this guy couldn’t make it through this workout.

  3. This dude is out of breath after just showing us a few lol

  4. What no squats? sounds like a good work out though, ill give it a go today, 50 reps deadlift at 60 kilgrams looks like a killer

  5. RealChillBrothaMan19


  6. goldenguy009kumar

    nice workouts for whole body

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