glute ham raise http glute ham raise Craig Ballantyne from Turbulence Training and TTMembers shows us how to lose fat and gain muscle with a perfect workout for the glutes and hamstrings.

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  1. @BoNursukker I put my ankles under a barbell that weighs more than I do.

  2. @ZorflexOL
    Not very hard at all….

  3. @liutasx lol i just playing, the hater comments are fucking hilarious

  4. @hanbacca
    Try your self and then say

  5. how would i do this by myself

  6. godDAMN your hams are fucking weak…

  7. pocketmonsters96

    r u suppose to push off and use the momentum to get back up? isnt dat kinda cheating

  8. If the title had said Eccentric glute ham exercise i would kind of agree with his form. But for a glute ham raise i am not. :-) And for your shit talk i dont have any comments, it speaks for itself.

  9. wow you are one misguided person…so you believe that this exercise is made for one to bust thier face?…..sigh…this guy is doing it right….check other video of this exercise and you will see that it is the same

  10. wonder how this effects ones knees

  11. deltafoverdeltax

    Yeah, seriously! What makes you think they’re gay? That’s so fucking closed-minded. Maybe they’re pansexuals.

  12. @DeSaStRcAsE You have accomplished nothing in life and never will. Your only function is to troll and be negative. Congratulations. Toke up, Mr. Failure.

  13. gay fuck buddys!

  14. cypresspeter2008

    i would probably do those if i knew how to stay off the knees or get knee pads

  15. tsss…. work hard on it and you need 2-3 Month to do 1 full ROM concentric GHR. It’s hard but necessary to build strong Glutes, Hams and even Claves. So dont paste this 1/4 GHR

  16. lol at all the hater comments. Do you know how HARD a natural glute ham raise concentric is?

  17. as long as he works towards without using his arms, this is a fine progression

  18. I was doing this exercise with my Baseball trainer … It’s effective but really hard the way i was doing it.. Just like he did but no no swing for coming back, works more the ischio muscle

  19. It’s actually an eccentric contraction……similar to a “negative rep” with a plyometric push up.
    Try it before you knock it.
    It’s a developmental exercise for people aren’t Olympic Gymnastics… gives great benefits without being able to raise yourself.

  20. The whole meaning with the excercise is to let your hamstrings do the work. Stop using the arms, and post videos of excerices you dont know how to do.

  21. If he can’t lower himself and do ten reps that way then there is no problem with him using a little momentum to help. It is a way of reducing the weight. Nothing wrong here that I can see.

  22. That’s the worst form I’ve ever seen on these. No offense

  23. you have to let your weight carry you farther forward in order to get the full effect of this exercise….those were too easy and poor!

  24. i remember doing those a loooong time ago. we eventually tried using jumpstretch bands in order to slowly wean off of using our arms for assistance. They helped a lot.

  25. I echo that, I’d like to see you lower yourself to the floor without using your hands for 10 reps. Good luck with that one.

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