CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT This is workout B from the Turbulence Training Hot Zone program. It starts out with a really powerful superset for your upper body and upper back. In the first set you’ll double up by doing an incline press to flat press for eight repetitions each. And although you’ll be tired after doing the incline, because you will follow with the flat press, you should still be able to do the same amount of weight. You’ll then go immediately to the underhand inverted row to form a triset to start out this workout. So, with the bench at a 45 degree angle, bring the dumbbells down and out and then up and in. After this, immediately flatten the bench and repeat another 8 reps for the chest press. From here, go right into the inverted row. Place the bar at hip height and take an underhand grip on the bar. Next, row your chest up to the bar, making sure to squeeze your shoulder blades together at the top position. After you’ve completed all sets for the first group of exercises you’ll then challenge your legs and abdominals with dumbbell Step-ups and stability Ball Rollouts. For the step-ups, place the dumbbells at your sides and put one foot up on the bench. Next, use your hamstrings and glutes of the lead leg to pull yourself up and then slowly lower yourself back down. It’s important to keep that lead leg up on the bench the entire time. Doall reps for one side and then switch sides. Go right into the rollout exercise and start by

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  1. how many reps and sets and rest?

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    U R Beautiful:) hope that’s okay to say to a guy, great job!!

  3. Thanks for the video, How many of each supersets should I do before moving on to the next one?

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