How to do more pushups

CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! Here are a few simple tricks for intermediate folks who want to get better at pushups. These tips are perfect for someone who can do a few pushups, but are stuck at around 5 repetitions max. If you want to find out how to build chest muscle, define your triceps, and even work your abs harder, youll love these tips. So there are couple ways in which an individual can work to increase the number of pushups. First of all, however, the harsh truth is that people will be able to do more pushups if they lose body fat. If you have a lot of dead weight, then obviously it’s going to be harder to perform a pushup. So, make sure you’re doing your supersets, your bodyweight exercises, your interval training, and getting your diet in order. If you’re stuck at 5 pushups, then there are a couple of ways you can add strength and endurance. One way to add more endurance is to take some of the weight off when doing the pushup and this can be done performing an incline pushup. So you can place your hands on a bench and perform the pushup, without going all the way to the ground. So although this may not help you build strength, you’ll still be improving your endurance. In order to build strength you’ll need to go down to the ground. So, the first type of pushups we’re going to work on is the eccentric portion or the lowering phase of a pushup. In this exercise, instead of lowering in 1 second, you are going to take 5 seconds to

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  1. @EtrajbHD i blame you!

  2. @EtrajbHD i am not going to 140 pushups for you… at 2 am at night… maybe when i feel like it. i just did 3 minutes holding breath becuase some1 on the internet challenged me…
    so im just thing how mtuch can you do?

  3. @henryhenriquez video proof asap :) !

  4. @EtrajbHD lol i can so do 140.
    i go to gym allot om not a troll that lives in my mom basement… like you

  5. @henryhenriquez nope your a PC gamer hah. we all know how you are

  6. @EtrajbHD yep… i can do about 140 pushups. on topic…

  7. @henryhenriquez trolling?

  8. @EtrajbHD weaksuace.. this is trolling

  9. @neonseacow i would blame not working out rather than the xbox?

  10. @darkflamez4 haha i thought so, well good on ya and good luck

  11. @Sanjdhillon THAT IS GENIUS!!!!!!!!

  12. @39acu I’m working on doing the combat side stroke in a 200 meter pool, but i am planing to join join the special forces.

  13. @darkflamez4 can you also do 100 situps, 10 chin ups, run 2.4ks in under 11.5 mins, tread water for 2 mins and swim 400 metres in 9 mins in runners?
    if you can…you should join the special forces

  14. thanks man, great vid

  15. get off the Xbox children….LOL JK go on the ps3 insted

  16. i guess i can do ~50 if i give my best.

  17. @neonseacow AMEN TO THAT MY BROTHER!
    Same here but in a period of 1 year of XBOX!

  18. I usually train by doing 10 sets of 20 pushups with perfect form every other day. This helped me increase my pushup count from 25 to 56 in around 2 months. :D

  19. @Armoredfury193 100 a day spread out during the day chest to deck involving full range of motion beyond 90 degrese

  20. I can do 35, or 12 ish with perfect form and muscle building form

  21. slow pushups are way harder than quick ones

  22. @bogdan555100 ur jacked brah

  23. @brandontaylor518 and how exactly did you do that?

  24. I can do 60 in 2 minutes

  25. I can do like 60-70 some

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