How to Take Body Transformation Contest Photos Discover the simple steps to taking good body transformation contest photos. You’ll need… 1) A newspaper 2) Good lighting 3) A comforable outfit that shows off your body and will be able to show off your transformation 4) A measuring tape 5) A scale to take your bodyweight And that’s pretty much it. Also, make sure to print out your structured workout program so you are ready to get started with a professionally designed workout program. Get started with the proven Turbulence Training program here with the $4.95 twenty-one day trial offer Looking forward to your success, Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS Author, Turbulence Training

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  1. @kakamatyi2 Still, how would you take your before picture with the newspaper? Unless you photoshop it in. Besides, Craig doesn’t do that. It’s simply for the tranformation contest. And it’s generally based on a trust system. If anyone wants to cheat, then that’s that.

  2. @On1L1nk
    OK, this is how it happens:

    Make photos (“before” pictures)
    Workout for 2 years
    Make photos (“after” pictures)
    Buy one newspaper from 3 months ago (or just keep one at home)
    Buy one newspaper from today

    Post it on youtube that u achieved that body transformation in 3 months instead of 2 years)with the the “proof” of the dates…

    Start selling your shit (workout plan, meal plan. etc…) for good money.

    That’s why nobody cares about the newspaper. Bullshit!

  3. @kakamatyi2 Yeah, but you can get only older newspapers, right? That means that the end date does not change. You can use a year old newspaper but that would just mean that it took you longer to get your results. No point really. And both newspapers need to be in the span of contest anyway. So, it’s 12 weeks or less…

  4. The newspaper is so dumb I can get one from last year so I finished my body transformation in 1 year less :)

  5. I get you man: I dont get it either, you could take a newspaper from 2 months ago!

  6. to show the date of before and after photos. the newspaper is an accurate sorce to show the date.

  7. I never understood why you need the newspaper??? Won’t a calendar with current date work the same??? I don’t get it.

  8. you forgot to measure your doggie’s biceps

  9. Was there really a need to put the shirt back on?!? :-)

  10. so i have to buy the trial to compete? :(

  11. are u flexing…lolz

  12. Bally has a looooong way to go! Let me know if he needs a Coach, I cna help him and due to distance we’ll probably start with a phone consult, then rock with e mail.

    Please let bally know, thanks CB!

  13. Bally rocks!

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