Hurricane Bally Eats Dinner

This is our favourite lunatic fitness dog, Bally the Dog, eating dinner. Enjoy. Don’t ask me how he keeps his 6-pack abs eating like this!

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  1. hmmmm doesn’t seem like it slows him down very much! :)

  2. cool idea!

  3. Hey Craig does he eat raw food? My Boxer dog Oscar is on Raw meat by a fantastic company called Duck. It’s totally complete. It frozen. You just thaw to room temperature then he’s go to go!

  4. Its called a “Brake-Fast” bowl. He eats too fast out of a regular bowl and gets sick. The knobs slow him down. You can find them online.

  5. what type of feeding dish is that? And why are there knobs in the dish?

  6. LOVE IT – he keeps checking the bowl like we keep checking the fridge! (anything new?) Baby Barefoot is waving at him!

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