Is Alcoholism Twice as Deadly For Women?

A new study published in the January issue of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, found that ladies suffering from addiction to alcohol and alcoholism are 5x more likely to die compared to women of their age in the general population. Men struggling with alcohol addiction are just around twice as likely to pass away compared to men that aren’t dependent on alcohol. It appears as if females could be at a higher risk of developing medical related complications coming from long-term binge drinking than men. The study also focused on men and women who sought out alcohol detox and therapy to recuperate from their addictions and it showed that those who went through these interventions were no more likely to survive compared to those that did not undergo therapy.

Info Taken From 14 Year Study In Europe

The data for this study was extrapolated from 14 years worth of information following one hundred forty-nine women and men in Northern Germany who met the requirements to be deemed alcoholics. The 149 individuals were comprised of 30 females and 119 men that were accepted as struggling with alcohol addiction. The research revealed that in those 14 years, seven of the thirty women died and twenty-one of the 119 males died. which implies that women have a much greater chance of passing away from alcoholism than males. Ulrich John, an epidemiologist at the University of Greifswald Med School was the creator of the study and he concluded that women have a tendency to develop more health hazards associated with addiction to alcohol, however the reason is not clear. Females develop ailments such as liver cirrhosis in a much shorter time span than men do.

Alcoholism Intervention

The study also took into consideration the men and women who sought treatment for their own addiction through detoxification programs. The results revealed that most that had sought treatment had sought it too late in their disease and the destruction had already been done in many instances. Alcohol detox can improve the standard of living in an individual and there’s several medical benefits from being sober or even just a light drinker. The actual research also showed that only 10 % of individuals suffering from alcoholism had actually sought out detoxification treatment. Seeking treatment is usually the most difficult part of breaking the addiction as it requires recognizing the problem.

Even though the new study posted in the January issue of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research revealed that females are two times as prone to die from dependence on alcohol than men, it is important that everyone with alcohol addiction seeks alcohol detoxification. This study of the population of North Germany isn’t exactly what many would call a “conclusive study” however it does offer some insight into how men and women’s bodies differ from alcohol related health problems. If you or anybody you know needs help with their addiction to alcohol or drugs, please seek help as soon as possible, it may even save their lives

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