Kettlebell Bodyweight Fat Burning Circuit Workout Kettlebell Bodyweight Circuit Workout using the Turbulence Training System. You only need a kettlebell and your bodyweight to do this workout (dog and snow are optional!). The circuit pairs kettlebell swings with four bodyweight exercises. Do not rest between exercises. Go from kettlebell swings to prisoner squats back to swings then to pushups back to swings then to lunges back to swings and then finish with mountain climbers. Do each exercise for 20 seconds or 20 repetitions. Rest one minute and then repeat 2-3 more times. This is a great alternative to interval training. If you are a beginner, don’t do this workout. This is an intermediate kettlebell bodyweight fat burning circuit. You can also do this workout inside. Obviously. For more fat burning workouts you can do at home, visit

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  1. wow snow workout

  2. love the dog

  3. @Coleridge208 I know that it was made almost a year ago, but that comment made me lol.

  4. with the dog sticking on the kb it is more diificult

  5. Where are your clips?
    To prove your authority?

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  7. Great stuff, thanks for the tips!

  8. Probably not the best idea to do this around your dog esp with him running around. You could accidently hit him/her.

  9. Enjoyed the kettlebell use here.

  10. I really enjoyed this – looking forward to using more of your tips in the future:-)

  11. Its a good workout but the only thing this guy actually did right was the pushups

  12. My lab would have run off with the gloves…getting them back would also be a good workout.
    Nice vid.

  13. cool workout! And I love bally the dog! So cute.

  14. Hey Craig!! yep, after this video, weather is really not an excuse for not exercising!! I LOVED WATCHING BALLY! You should teach her some TT tricks and record that as well! :)

  15. yeah Craig, get your shirt of again!

  16. Craig is awesome and so is his Turbulence Training Program. I would have enjoyed seeing him with his shirt off though! Woo hoo! LOL!

  17. Great video, Craig. I just joined yesterday after doing your workout in Men’s Health. It kicked my butt and I thought, this guy knows something. So I’m giving it a try.

  18. ver good! a man for all weathers! lovely dog!

  19. LOL. Good point made! Nice house you grew up in! Still seems like it would be just as easy to do inside. ;-)
    This is why Craig has such a rockin’ body…dedication!

  20. true blue workout, awesome brrrr

  21. need wireless mike or do a voice over makes all the difference thanks for not using any equiptment so as to show how effective our bodies are at burning and toning up for summer. only 5 months to go

  22. got inspired by Rocky 4 ??? ;-)

  23. WolftonesProductions

    he is so full of crap… its the beginning of january.

  24. another great video, thanks man, and awesome dog!

  25. SuperiorAwesomeness

    awesome craig!

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