Procedure To Adhere To When Replacing Lost US Passport

Discovering that you do not have your travel documents and you are due to travel out of the country is one of the most stressing situations you can encounter. Nevertheless, there is a replacement for lost passports, based on the emergency. It is now simpler replacing lost passport unlike in the past. One needs to take into consideration some important aspects in order to know what to do.

Reporting Lost Passport

In this case, the first thing that any victim needs to do is reporting the matter to relevant authorities. Also, ensure that you carefully search all your packages and luggage to make sure that it is indeed lost. If it is truly lost, you can order it to be canceled to avoid situations of another party taking advantage of your property.

Proper ID

However, a tricky point arises when all other identification details are missing, too. In such circumstances, it is very hard to claim that the documents are truly yours. Therefore, to be on the safe side, ensure that you have additional duplicate copies of the lost original documents.

Urgent Travel

In other situations, the documents might go missing when it is really needed. For example, it might be misplaced yet it is due to be used in less than two weeks. Therefore, in this circumstances the best option to turn to is seeking the services of a private replacement firm. These firms are highly recommended because their services are quite effective and they have expertise skills. They will finish the process in less than 24 hours. These agencies can handle kids US passport too.


Remember that, though this process is of great help, it is more costly than acquiring a new traveling permit. Therefore, before you opt for either a replacement or a new one, consider evaluating your financial ability. You should also analyze the purpose of the trip and the sacrifice made if you missed it and make the decision appropriately.

Wait Time

Nevertheless, for the individuals whose trip is not so near, it is advisable that they visit the embassy and present their certification documents. However,this will take you a period of two weeks. Therefore, if you feel those two weeks is a lot of time or if your trip is very near, it is recommended that you opt for private expediting. However, this will be more expensive but quick.

Child Passports

Due to currently enforced laws that children should have passports of their own, as the guardian, you should take maximum responsibility of the kid’s documents. Where you lose their documents together with yours, consider using the same procedure. This way you and your kids will get replaced passports simultaneously.

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