Pull Through Exercise

www.TurbulenceTraining.com Okay, this is a weird looking exercise, but its great for your butt, hamstrings, and for helping you get stronger for deadlifts and squats. Ladies, you’ll love this…even though it looks a little awkward. For more fat burning beginner workouts and bodyweight exercises you can do at home, visit www.TurbulenceTraining.com

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  1. what about dumbbell or kettlebell swings, it looks very similar to this

  2. If you won’t do this in a gym you are a total homophobe weiner. Do your fucking pull throughs.

  3. @BlueTuna42 Yeah, the only strange-looking is the guy itself :-P

  4. Fuck that,i’d rather stiff-legged deadlift

  5. Reminds me of kettlebell swings. Great for the entire posterior chain!

  6. From any angle except head on or the position you’re using, your end up looking like your going to “mark your territory”…I agree, great exercise, and if you want to greatly enhance your embarrassment and work on your grip, you’ll grab the rope closer to the clip and not count on the rubber ends, which will hang down like…well…like you’re twice blessed shall we say.

  7. I had to laugh lol
    but it’s a good excersise

  8. This is a *great* exercise for strengthening your butt and hamstrings! If people give you strange looks, well, that’s their problem.

  9. MikePedersenGolfTips

    I do this one all the time. I like the “constant” tension the cable gives you on your hamstring. Most beginners should go light to not strain the lower back.

  10. My ignorant friends have another name for it….flossing ur genitals. F’ked them i’d say…it’s what those hardcore powerlifters do regularly and it helps in training ur posterior chain. And that’s all it matters.

  11. Probably talking about the between-the-legs action. But whatever, you don’t workout thinking about how goofy you look…or at least you shouldn’t. I practice my karate in the private room in my apartment complex’s gym, some guys laugh at me kicking and yelling, but so what? A workout’s a workout.

  12. me niether its just like a deadlift

  13. I can’t see why that would be embarrassing Craig…

  14. I have never seen this one before. I can see why it would be effective.

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