The Evolution of Abs Exercises and Core Workouts

Get your FREE workout here: This video takes you through the evolution of 21st century ab training. You’ll find 6 different ab exercises where the focus isn’t on crunching or spinal flexion, but instead is geared towards providing a core workout that offers stabilization and resistance rotation. Just because these ab exercises aren’t your traditional crunches, doesn’t mean that you won’t get that great ab burning feeling following your workout. These core exercises will still help build 6 pack abs, but in a much safer way that will reduce the incidence of low back pain. The first ab exercise in the evolution of ab training is a simple plank. This exercise needs to be mastered by beginners and those at risk of low back pain. The goal here is to work up to a 90 second to 2 minute hold in the plank position. The next core exercise is the side plank or side bridge. A little more difficult than the regular plank, the trick here is tokeep your body in a straight line and keep those hips raised. Once you’ve mastered those ab exercises, try the plank with your elbows on the stability ball. According to Men’s Health magazine, this exercise works your abs 30% hard than a regular plank. To increase the difficulty of this ab exercise, try moving the ball further away from your body. The fourth ab exercise to work your entire core is the stability ball jackknife. Here, you will place your feet on the stability ball and your hands on the floor or elbows on a

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  2. working on your core is boring, but right now its pretty much the only way to improve my hops cause i got jumpers knee so i cant do plyometrics or use weights on leg exrecises. so if you want hops do this stuff and stretch. it really works kadour ziani said he doesnt do weights and he stretches for 4 hour a day, and young hollywood does mostly core workouts to get hops.

  3. Great vid

  4. How many reps should you do the last exercise for?

  5. @68480guillermo Listen, punk. I know what feels good for my feet and what doesn’t. And if you’re flat-soled like a lot of people, then I can understand why you’d want converse. The majority of people however, have actual arches on their feet and as a DAILY Converse-wearer, I AM VERY WELL INFORMED.

  6. @rumblingc No. Nutrition and interval training does.

  7. @Oaken007 Actually, considering that the Converse is a flat shoe that offers only protection and doesn’t change the shape of your foot that much, it would be a great shoe for working with weights. Sneakers have been shown to damage your feet and even cause back pain. If I can I go barefoot, actually…

  8. does sit ups help you lose fat

  9. i do all of these cause the Physical therapist told me to do them… they work!!

  10. i really want to see his belly to check out if those exercises work

  11. @Axedope at a big box store 20 dollar~

  12. how can i get that ball and where?

  13. My new vid is up. Come check it out and grab your free ebook.

  14. my plank max is 5 min :)

  15. FTW, digging the chucks dude. :P

  16. @68480guillermo
    Excuse you, but I wear chucks daily. I don’t workout in them, dumbass. Do yourself a favor “guillermo” and do some research on which shoes are good for your feet and which are bad, no podiatrist would ever suggest working out in Chucks. Dumb shit. Does not take a rocket scientist to know this, dumb ass

  17. nice converse!

  18. @Oaken007 The flat sole on the chucks provide for a natural support. It’s pretty old school. Do yourself a favor and become a little more informed before you make stupid comments.

  19. thanks

  20. @SadegoGG this is a video about an ab work out, wtf are you talking about

  21. Haha he’s canadian eh?

  22. awesome!! thanks for the the great vid!!

  23. Why the hell are people arguing about government/politics on a video about ab/core training? Must be some type of intellectual ADD

  24. Or someone that wants to get stronger…

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