The Man Behind Foose Rims

Foose Wheels are only concerned with Chip. Chip Foose, that is. He is the proprietor and designer of this assortment of premium designer wheels. Have confidence in these modern wheels are very well created because of Chip. Chip’s got a enormous resume having him creating his very first car at the age of twelve. The man’s also been into cars all of his existence.

Get to learn Chip Foose

Chip was raised in Santa Barbara, California. His 1st employment was at his dad’s vehicle shop. At the age of 12 he painted his very first car: a Porsche 356. Hot rod motor oil flows through his veins and it shows in his Foose rims collection.

The man worked for some remarkable companies. But not only did he eventually begin Foose rims but in mid 80′s he was a designer and fabricator for Asha Corporation. In 3 quick years he rose to be the manager of design. This is all just after he graduated from college – the Art Center in which he majored in automotive product design. Chip’s job at Asha was very simple. He was to conceptualize new items for the OEM.

Through all of this he wouldn’t turn his back on his origins. He kept planning and developing hot rods together with his father in Santa Barbara. His father’s corporation, Project Design, thrived due to his engagement. He continued to stay true to his roots even with developing the electric powered cars utilized by the National Football Leage and Major league baseball. His work also included cars which are featured in the Hollywood smash, Gone in 60 Seconds.

In 1990 Chip took over as president of Hot Rods by Boyd. Chip received notoriety in the area of vehicle design and style by developing what is called the “Boyd Look.” Boyd hot rods focus on making cars for individual customers, movies and automobile companies. All of this effort is leading up to the development of Foose wheels.

Foose Wheels will give your car that Hall of Fame look

Chip has become inducted in 3 hall of fames. One is the Hot Rod Hall of Fame and then he was inducted on Peterson’s Publishing’s 50th anniversary. One other hall of fame is definitely the Grand National Roadster Show Hall of Fame. Lastly, Mr Foose was inducted into the San Fransisco Rod and Custom Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

The man started a popular TV show on TLC known as “Overhaulin.” His whole life has been cars and trucks and the man understands the importance of a superb rim. Just what hot rod without getting a good rim? He has won so many honours for his styles that you’ll find Foose wheels for being unbelievably eye appealing. You’ll find classic and modern designs which will make your automobile look worthy of a Hall of Fame.

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