The TRUTH About the Pumpkin Workout

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  1. what a douche bag!! Who needs a trainer dork like him – He’s been replaced by a pumpkin! lol

  2. Eeek! Greenpeace would hound you for that! Lol!

  3. what now? a dirty floor workout.

  4. lol

  5. erm, this might be off topic & u may have answered this question in a previous video, but…

    what are the best non-running exercises to perform in order to burn belly fat ??

    (non-cardio, but same as / better effect?)

    thanks very much

  6. i didnĀ“t see that coming

  7. Okay, so I missed the turkey workout, but does anyone have any other suggestions?

  8. Asshole! You need to clean your gym now, …..some peopole are soooo absentminded!

  9. lol love it

  10. “make sure you check back in november for our turkey workout” … very funny indeed !!

  11. FYI, my clients LOVED my Total Body Pump(kin) workout. If you think it’s not great marketing, you’re out of your gourd.

  12. I didnt want to say anything but this draws the line.
    Get off the steroids, its for your own good and the pumpkins.

  13. haha – that’s telling them Craig!

  14. BEST WORKOUT EVER!lol,that was funny.

  15. Craig that’s funny.

    he i bought men’s health, expecting to see you.

  16. That was funny. I won’t invite you to my family pumpkin carving, but still really funny.

  17. Bravo Craig!

  18. lol nice CB

  19. haha yes nice call my friend

  20. awesome

  21. Pumpkin Workout?,… never heard of it! I like this workout better.

  22. That was awesome!

  23. I laughed my arse off! Thanks for your wicked humour Craig. Bring on the turkey. Does that make me a sadist?

    A fellow TT workout friek..

  24. haha!great stuff

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