Toronto Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer in Toronto

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  1. porfavor no lea esto
    el 14 de agosto de 1995
    un niño llamado omar se tiro de un puente devido a problemas familiares
    si ya leiste esto deves copiar y pegar
    en otros 5 videos mas o si no
    omar vendra por toda tu familia
    haslo o moriran porfavor hasme caso
    yo lo lei y lo hise

  2. Agree… people shouldn’t knock it just because they haven’t tried it or not good at it.

  3. what????? who says cardio is boring huh? u r nuts

  4. Love this!

  5. If I lived in Canada, you’d have a new member.

    Best of luck!


  7. yes Shahzeb if you are near Tronto, im from ROMANIA wich is in Europe, so i cant DAMN come on the other side of the world just for
    a lousy gym

  8. TheCollectiveDVD

    I look for good personal trainer. My last one give me my current body. I post this video from The Collective to show what he did to me. Do you think he had das good technique?

  9. i dunno why but i find this so funny

  10. yea fuck you zid00001

  11. I took skubysnaks advice and got a new girlfriend.
    She is a personal trainer and said exactly what u did.
    Then she saw me with no shirt on and couldn’t see a problem.
    If it continues to annoy me, I will definitely do as you suggest.
    Many thanks – Zid.

  12. I’ll be happy to have you do that – if it will help.

  13. i would see a chiropractor or spinal alignment specialist. i am not sure as there is one simple exercise you can do to fix that, but a chiropractor or spine expert would definitely be able to tell you.

  14. fuck you

  15. I go to fitness connection and they never ever complain but I had no idea they had these things.. awesome!

  16. If any personal trainers are reading this, I could do with some advice.
    I have one shoulder that sits naturally slightly lower than the other – only a bit but if any exercise would lift the lower shoulder a bit, I would give it a try.
    Can any of you help…….please ?

  17. i would’ve come, if i was anywhere near Toronto.

  18. dam i thought this was a video for pretty ricky personal trainer! does an1one know where i can find the video?

  19. Awesome facility! This is the type of gym I’ve always wanted to start myself. I’ll definitely be dropping by to check you guys out.

  20. i thik thats good that you can make noise in your gym i wish you would come down to hawaii and have your gym

  21. Hey did I see a Carlton Blues Footy jumper on your wall?

  22. Great video. It promotes the gym well and hits your target market.

  23. More fitness bideos at Street Workout . Com

  24. wicked stuff, very simular to the training i do! working in toronto as well just visiting homes and working the parks.

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