Where It All Began – TT Origins

www.turbulencetraining.com Hey, this is Craig Ballantyne from TurbulenceTraining.com, and I want to show you where I grew up and did my first Turbulence Training workouts way back in the day. So come and meet my dog and check out the farmhouse my folks have lived in for over 40 years. This is just a fun little video so you can meet the guy behind Turbulence Training and get a little insight into my background. Welcome to the Ballantyne Ranch! Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS Author, Turbulence Training Men’s Health fitness expert PS -Visit Turbulence Training to get your FREE sample fat burning workout. Click here to get started www.TurbulenceTraining.com And to get access to the #1 weight loss secret of social support and to ask Craig Ballantyne your weight loss questions, visit the Turbulence Training Membership site here www.ttmembers.com

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  1. sensational.

  2. tnx very much 4 all these videos dude…

  3. big house, nice lab!

  4. im very sorry about your dad craig. its very hard to lose a parent. cool video

  5. Hey Jason!

    Yes, that’s a flip. Terrible audio quality, but convenient for techno-dunces like myself.

    We use a real camera for most other videos.

  6. this is an awesome vudeo brother, very touching as it reminds me of my Grandfather’s place. Your parents have a BIG house, looks beautiful. I have memories of training at the local playground in Israel, and at a Guru’s home – a story I’ll have to tell. This is awesome CB, thanks for sharing bruddah!

  7. Hey,CB:
    Firstly–Condolances on your Dad–i lost my Dad exactly 1 year ago tonight!! I am sure he was very prould of your accomplishments..
    Your programs have been a staple of MY client ex design for some 2-3 years now,and i look fwd to cracking into the online world this month-regards to Bally-the-dog,and tell us..are YOU holding the camera ?–a Flip?
    take care,
    jason Koronakos

  8. Awesome video! Great to see a bit about who you are for the know-like-trust factor! Glad to see that you can work out anywhere at anytime for us regular people. Thanks so much.


  9. Hey Craig, JuJu here! Thank you for sharing a bit of you private life with us, it feels like you’re a bit closer now, even for the people at Down Under like me! :)

  10. Great to get to know you. Nice to see someone sincere about what they’re doing and not just out to tell people what they wanna hear for a quick buck. TT is awesome and does work especially when I can sew my mouth shut for a minute! -)

  11. more bally!

  12. …hope your dad was able to see the rewards of his and your mom’s raising in knowing their son is helping so many…i am hooked on the training and getting results…it is very nice to get a glimpse of “the person”…a kind of “getting to know you” if you will…looking forward to your next commnique…
    btw:all the adjectives are true!!

  13. You guys rock! I really appreciate the comments. Can’t wait to do more videos like this! Ha, wait till you see the tiny little space where I had my weight machine. More videos soon!

  14. Very true statements Craig with a very personal video. Condolences to your family, your Dad is proud of you.

  15. Hi Craig, just wanted you toknow that you are reaching people as far away as New Zealand. I really appreciate your candor and openness in sharing something of yourself. It personalises things and cements relations with your readership…puts the personal into personal trainer if you like. Sorry about your Dad, its great you are spending time with your Mum, & must be awsome to have the farm to come home to. You are an inspiration (and very handsome too by the way) Arohanui (big love)


  16. Thanks Craig! Great Video. Scratches to Bally.

  17. I too extend my condolences for your father. It looked beautiful covered in snow. It looks great now.

    One note – you don’t need to shave. You are gorgeous with or without a shave. Yes, this IS a blatant “come on.” :-)

    But seriously, your encouragement and consistent positive mental attitude has helped so many people. Thanks for all you do.
    P.S. Put together or not, you’re still hot. ;-)

  18. sorry about your father, i shall pray for your family. thank you for all you’ve done so far. i pray you continue on for years to come.

  19. timothytheodora

    Thanks Craig for the insight into your personal life.. God bless!

  20. Thanks everyone! We’ll have more fun videos like this (with better audio and camera work!) in the future. Thanks again!


  21. SwissMountainFitness

    Thanks for sharing the behind the scene story. It definitely helps to build your credibility and have others trust in. I grew up in the countryside myself and it made me think of home. Keep up the good work!

  22. wow – Craig – what a great look ‘behind’ the man. Transparency is something that will set you apart in a very noisy crowd. Way to go. Proud to know you.

  23. Great behind the scene. Most people in the states think that the rural, country kind of environment only exist in the southern states but the north also has a country side which I think is just as beautiful

  24. SuperiorAwesomeness

    awesome dude, really nice of you to share this with us 5/5 stars

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