Why It’s Important For Women To Seek Womens Alochol Program

It is estimated that only six percent of woman actually receive the necessary addiction treatment that they need. This is due to many reasons. For those women who do seek treatment it’s often not successful. Women with addiction often need dual diagnosis services, which are not offered at every drug rehab. Most women suffering from a substance abuse problem have a co-occurring mental illness or trauma from childhood or beyond. In addition, many women have children and are not able to leave them to enter treatment. Due to lack of addiction program for women and dual diagnosis programs many women are unable to get the help they so desperately need.

Specialized Care

Research shows that many women who suffer from an addiction to drugs or alcohol often have a mental disorder as well. Women can suffer from many things that will help them foster a drug habit. It could be an eating disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, or something caused by having been abused. Regardless of the specific condition, it is imperative that women in these circumstances seek immediate help in order to get their drug addiction under control. Otherwise, all you are really doing is treating a symptom (addiction) instead of the disease (mental disorder). The best solution is dual diagnosis treatment.

Single Parents

Another issue that many women have to contend with when it comes to treatment for their addiction is their family. Often women are single parents, and have no care for their children. Recently in New Jersey, rehab centers have begun offering on-site childcare. Perhaps if more rehabilitation centers offered such services mothers who need help can get it and ultimately become better mothers and stop the cycle of addiction in their family.


Addiction does not discriminate against sex, race, location, or financial status. It can take hold of anyone’s life and severely impact it in a negative way. However, addiction is unique in that it can be triggered by many different things. In the case of most women, there is always an underlying cause of drug or alcohol addiction. It can be anything from a person’s past that causes feeling of shame, pain or anxiety. In order to avoid jail or death, women who have a drug addiction need to understand there is help out there for them specifically.

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