CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! www.turbulencetraining.com If you love training arms but just dont have time for those exercises in your busy schedule, here are 3 systems that you can use at the end of your regular workout to add in some additional arm exercises, while keeping your workout time as short as possible. There are 2 alternative ways in which you can add 3 minute arms to your workouts. The first is adding one of the systems to the end of your workout, three times per week. Or, you can do three different versions of 3- minute arms as one workout, taking 12 minutes in total with a minute of rest in between each. Below I will outline each of the 3 different 3-minute arm systems. System 1 5X5 Method To start, choose a weight that you can normally do 8 repetitions in dumbbell curls and dumbbell tricep extensions. Now, instead of completing 8 reps, you will do 5 repetitions for each exercise with no rest in between exercises or supersets. Repeat this the superset 5 times, again with no rest. You should be able to use the same weight for both exercises. Although the weight might be a little easier for the tricep exercise, once you fatigue, it will become more difficult. You should be able to get that arm workout done in about 2 minutes 55 seconds and have a nice little arm pump to end the workout. System 2 – 4X6 Method This system is very similar to the first one. For the 4X6 you will do four sets of six repetitions with no rest in between exercises or supersets. Two

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  1. @manfrotto82 cuz there’s 3 versions

  2. Sean1987Patterson

    your 1010 percent wrong….i got cut through dieting strict alone
    no junk food
    its called clean buking and your experience is minor
    your comment provesyou know nothing about cutting
    cardio isnt the only way to lose bodyfat

  3. BestLoyalistMusic10

    @cbathletics nice man can i do 15 sets of weights 3x a week for 10 weeks withut swapping my routine , would i see much results ?

  4. i like how the video is longer than 3 mins :)

  5. do you do dips? their pretty good :D

  6. there is alot

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  8. you have to lose almost ALL of your bodyfat to be able to see your abs

  9. whats a good meal plan for someone that doesnt have time to pre cook their lunch

  10. I’m in college. but thanx anyway. I’d save up and all, but I don’t have a job. I’ve been trying to find one for the past 7 months

  11. if your still in school you can work out at your school gym
    like me and my friends do
    and like save some money until you can buy your own home weights

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  13. I don’t have any weights so all I can really do rite now is stuff like push-ups and all. Is there some kinda 6 minute workout that I can do without weights besides push-ups?

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  20. when I calculated it, I got 2 minutes and 54 seconds, dumbfuck

  21. i love my own 3 minute arm workout, infront of the computer

  22. coz you need to really try hard to get a six pack my friend you really need to be focus on the workout eat properly and exercise evry day for about 1 hours.. i make an abs superset that i can show you if you want me to help send me a personal message

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