Craig Ballantyne

Aug 10

Turbulence Training Scam

Looking for a unique fitness training program but scared of being duped?

Breaking the secrets of Turbulence Training Scam!

Turbulence Training is different from other fitness programs, but it is no scam. Even though it does not have a diet plan that accompanies it and it is an intensive program many might think it isn’t as effective as other programs. That’s just not so.

Yes, the Turbulence Training program does not provide a specific diet plan. The positive element to this is it gives the participant the opportunity to find a diet that works best for them. The Turbulence Training program does mention that nutrition is an important part of any fitness program and that eating fewer carbohydrates is vital as is consuming fewer calories, which is the place to start a healthy diet.

Quick intense workouts for faster results!

The 45-minute workouts are intensely designed for anyone, but it is recommended for individuals in good shape. Nevertheless, there are a variety of routines to do within this program. The Turbulence Training routines change every four weeks allowing the muscles to continue to be worked as well as keep the participant interested in the program.

Participants have the opportunity to design their own program because of all the routine choices. This includes options for women, metabolism building, and beginner and advanced. This might lead individuals to consider this a scam because of all the program choices. Instead this helps each participants customize the program. Throughout Turbulence Training the routines switch for variation being conducted three times a week.

Turbulence Training workouts don’t have to be done in a gym. The routines work well at home for individuals with a stability ball, barbells and a bench. Working at home provides more opportunity to exercise because a person can make their own workout schedule without concern of a gym’s schedule. These exercises and equipment help exercisers burn fat, lose weight and build muscle.

Aug 10

Turbulence Training Review

I searched all over, read various fitness books and even enrolled at many places, but no results.

Then I came across Turbulence Training and it changed my life…read about an honest Turbulence Training review….

Turbulence Training presented by Craig Ballantyne is not a typical fitness program. There is no running, climbing or major cardio of any kind. The approach is different with this program.

This training and fitness program is set up as a muscle building and weight loss focused workout. The Turbulence Training method happens through resistance and interval trainings within alternating a variety of workouts. The workouts occur at least three days a week. Turbulence Training includes various exercise sets and supersets or groups of two done back-to-back, as well as a time of rest and warm up sets. The interval training ends each routine.

Variety is an important part of this program. The 45-minute workout routines change every few weeks to keep the program interesting as well as keep the muscles working. Turbulence Training strengthens muscles and maintains good health. Participants will notice belly fat melts away leaving defined muscle in its place following this weight training program.

Customized fitness program for best health results!

While this program does not provide a diet it suggests participants take in less calories and carbohydrates. This allows each participant to find the best diet for them, which makes it a more customized program. Everyone will find what they need with this program. Men and women might benefit differently, but this is mostly because women are focusing on different results, such as losing belly fat. Men often strive to gain muscle mass and energy.

Turbulence Training is a fitness program designed for individuals in good health as well as good fitness condition. The workouts are best for these individuals giving them better result quicker. It is an intense program that works and gets results for those taking part in the routines. Participants strengthen their muscle and burn calories throughout Turbulence Training which leads to strength and weight loss.

Aug 10

About Craig Ballantyne- Creator of Turbulence Training

Craig Ballantyne is a Men’s Health Magazine and fitness expert who has developed the fitness program Turbulence Training. As a certified strength and conditioning specialist, he has designed the workouts through his research efforts.

His fitness work and knowledge can be found in a variety of health magazines. Ballantyne has worked to help a variety of busy individuals find the time to work out. He has worked to design fitness programs to help them gain muscle and losing weight. Furthermore his research has found what routines would work best in the least amount of time. He has learned scientific element leading to better health and fitness.

This is a weight workout routine fitness program that is new and growing in popularity. He focuses on the exercises and not on diet. Nutrition is important and he mentions that participants eat less calories and carbohydrates. Also, he does not focus on the cardio of exercise such as working on chair climbers and running. Instead, he creates supersets or exercises conducted back-to-back with no rest. It helps the workout be effective, but takes less time than other programs. His program workouts also focus on resistance and interval training with alternating routines.

He has found that variety in programs and changing the routine every four weeks keeps the body in shape. There are a variety of routines allowing not only for variety but helps open the program to a variety of individuals at different fitness levels. Variety helps individuals maintain a healthy weight and keeps the fat off. Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training keeps participants working and interested in keeping them encouraged to continue with the program. He has provided his program thought an eBook, which can be updated. This will allow participants to have the newest information and enhanced routines as more is learned.