3 Minute Pushup Challenge

CLICK HERE FOR A FREE WORKOUT! www.turbulencetraining.comVisit Turbulence Training to get your FREE sample fat burning workout. Click here to get started www.TurbulenceTraining.com I want to share something with you that I think is really cool that I found in the April 2010 (pg. 46) issue of Men’s Health Magazine. It’s a 3-minute pushup challenge by a really smart guy named Martin Rooney. Martin is a strength coach in New Jersey for MMA guys and pro football players, so he really knows his stuff. He came up with this 3-minute pushup challenge. Here are the rules Do as many pushups as you can in 3 minutes. Do your pushups until you are 2 inches from the floor and perfect form for each one. When you do your pushups, there is a bit of a strategy with them. When you do your first set, do not go to failure. This is the biggest mistake people make. Just go nice and strong, but only do about 40% of what you can do for your maximum pushups. I can do 57 pushups in a row, so when I tried this, I just did 20 then took a 15 second rest and so on. In the end, I was able to do 114 pushups. That beats the extraordinary level of 111. You have to get more than 55, because anything lower is below average. The key is not to go to failure or anywhere near failure. Just go until you start to slow down a little bit and then take a 15 second rest. Then go at them again and do the same amount and rest again. Then expect about a 20% reductions to the end. Let us know how you do on the YouTube

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  1. i mean 55 in a row

  2. i did 40 in 32 seconds but that wasnt my max out i prob do maybe 55 max havnt tried but this sounds like good work out

  3. @88Azazel It’s more of a test rather than a workout. Plus, Craig did it a competition when he posted this. The 6 people (3 men + 3 women) that got the highest got a prize.

  4. WOOT! I got to 125. I actually did go to failure which was 70 push ups…but then I died and could only to reps of 10-15 before collapsing each time T_T. I had 130 counted, but I felt that about 5 of them were incomplete… next time I will listen to your advice and rest XD

  5. I did 77 , damn I suck

  6. I thought that this would be a piece o’ cake…until I tried it. it’s super tough.

  7. grapetwistersoda

    i wonder how big he dick is ;)

  8. so, i am in the US Army and my standard is to do as many pushups as possible in 20 minutes. i am 29 and generally top out at 73 in 2 minutes, what ar your thoughts on that?

  9. @dapitbull123

    Ideal rep range varies from person to person due to genetic factors. Some gain better with slightly lower or higher reps than that. I tend to get better results training in the 5 to 8 range, and I train some people who do better with 7 to 10, some with 8 to 12 or even slightly higher.

  10. @ssj4kakarot First off it comes from Mens Health Magazine which is little more than a glorified advertisement rag for clothing and watch companies. Second there is no point in blasting out Push-Ups as fast as one can just so you can gain an “exceptional” (whatever that means) rating on some arbitrary scale. A proper Push-Up is done with at least a two second negative and a two second positive. You would be much better served doing three sets of PROPER Push-Ups than this.

  11. great idea! i’m gonna try this.

  12. @GriffyFresh that is up to you, you can rest in the plank or do what i did when i did my 127 which is get a quick stretch during that 15 sec. so your muscles don’t get to tight, just think of the energy wasted holding the plank that could have been used to push out a few more reps. yes it is quicker to start back up but it takes it’s toll

  13. @88Azazel y do u say that???

  14. talk about feeling the burn, i managed to push out 127 probably could have done more but i’ll try again and find out maybe over the weekend.

  15. 82
    where would that be?

  16. @phatzky the only way to add mass is to lift heavy. 8-12 reps

  17. all the ones – 111! Tougher than I thought it would be……! :0P

  18. 61 first time. rematch one week later, I got 83! gonna retest in a few weeks.

  19. Totally pointless.

  20. sweet, 132

  21. so does this routine gain chest mass?

  22. @0301103 He says ” Below Avg ” anyways he’s talking about how you can do more than 55 push ups with perfect Form. After 40 , it’s very hard to hold perfect form. If you’re 18 and you have P.E at your school. You should be able to do about 3 sets of 230 ~ 25 push ups.

  23. This is good stuff. Check Martin Rooney’s YouTube channel (Training For Warriors); he does a 4 min Pushup Challenge there. I believe the goal is 100 pushups. But yeah, thanks Craig for promoting bodyweight exercises. If people aren’t strong for their bodyweight, they go no business slapping plates on a bar. Thanks again, Craig!

  24. CheezMonsterCrazy

    @T14309 Most trainers I’ve heard on that subject say it really doesn’t matter.

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