CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! www.turbulencetraining.com This is six minute abs, advanced system number one. You’ll love this bodyweight program that is crunch, sit-up, and cardio free and will help you get a flat stomach with six pack abs. Now, even though this program doesn’t have the traditional crunches or sit-ups in it, you’ll still find that this ab workout trains your abs as hard as any workout program before. In this workout system, you are going to do six exercises in a circuit, and then you are going to rest for one minute and then repeat the circuit one more time for a total of six minutes. So, to start, you’ll begin with the stability ball jackknife exercise. Place your elbows on a bench, your feet on the ball, and your body in a straight line. Next, brace your abs and bringyour knees into your chest, and then slowly back out. Repeat. The next exercise in the circuit is for abdominal endurance and is the side plank. So, position your body on its side resting your body on your elbow. Be sure to keep your body in a straight line and your hips forward with your abs braced. Hold and then switch sides and repeat. Once you’ve finished the side plank exercise, move immediately into the stability ball mountain climber. So, with your hands on the ball, abs braced and your body in a straight line, bring your knee up to your chest and then back out. Alternate sides. The fourth exercise in this abdominal circuit is the X-body mountain climber. To start, get in the push

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  1. Thanks for this video, you’re an awesome trainer and it’s awesome of you to answer everyones questions like you do.

  2. @OhSnapitsJuzDin because it only shows you the exercise, he tells you for how long you have to do it

  3. magnushelliesen

    you’re from Canada?

  4. @OhSnapitsJuzDin Idiot…

  5. OhSnapitsJuzDin

    if its 6 minute abs? then why is this only 4 mins. of video

  6. i am starting the pole shift survival group.
    let me know if you are interested.

  7. Use a basketball.

  8. TheFutureAnarchist

    Use a block of wood and cut niches into it for your arms and feet.

  9. edwardlinnnorris

    I’m going to try this…I workout and run everyday but it’s starting to get a bit boring. This looks like it’s more fun because of all the changes….GREAT!!!

  10. what if i dont have a stability ball????

  11. Thanks, I found out 2 new excersices which i never thought off, thanks!

  12. Today I did this ab routine for the first time. Wow, what a challenge, even for someone like me who does regular ab workouts.

    Thanks for another of many great routines!

  13. THis workout is awesome biatches!!!

  14. Wil this give me the strength of seven psychotic sailors on steroids?

  15. tradguitarplaya

    clown ass!!

  16. I’m at 7% my abs are awesome. you don’t need 5%. Wtf are you on about.

  17. witnessforfitness

    Great for the obliques! I love the mountain climbers. Would you say those were good for the legs too?

  18. how long/ how many reps per exercise?

  19. possitiveattitude

    thank you man! Great work out! Sweating already! Goood Stuff!

  20. Genius workout. I’ve seen Pavel do a version of that last one with a little wheelie thing, never thought of using the ball.

    The TT stuff is very creative and enjoyable.

  21. how long/ many reps for each exercise?

  22. tradguitarplaya

    thats bullcrap what you just said right there,uve no idea what ure talking about

  23. tradguitarplaya

    minus 5 % bodyfat for lower abs to show:)

  24. varies
    really depends on your body type and muscle mass
    some one can have theyre bottom abs showing at 18% body fat and others can hav eless defined abs at 10%

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