Chinup Versions – TT Addiction Workout

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  1. is 3 sets of 5 pull-ups bad for a 235lb guy?

  2. @YankeeSlayer69 Check the height of the bar. I’ve found that the closer my body is to horizontal (at the start position), the harder the row is. Also, your pecs and lats could be tight, preventing a full range of motion. Hard to say. If you can do 8 or so chin-ups, then it’s probably not a strength issue with your inverted rows. Sorry…hard to get specific on the internet!

  3. i never thought leaning back to make you chest hit the bar, would be so effective, when doing the full chin up thnx. will you do Addiction Workout leading to a hand stand push up ?

  4. yes that is a SHM shirt.

  5. @YankeeSlayer69 can’t say, but your row form could be poor and holding you back, or your chin-ups are not full range of motion (which is all the way down until your elbows are extended and all the way up to your collarbone)

  6. I dont think that the inverted row is easy at all :S I find that I CANT do 10 reps. with my chest touching the bar, but I CAN do over 7 chin ups in good form. Whats wrong with me? :(

  7. @Not2Be0utDone no its a 2 dollar grey workout shirt

  8. is that a swedish house mafia shirt?

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