DIET Vs EXERCISE Episode 3: Fat Loss Diet Versus Best Cardio Workout to Burn Belly Fat

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  1. This is lazer targeted information. Guaranteed result within 7 day for weight loss.

  2. this is extremely flawed.

  3. yea thefatburningdiet it was just a bunch of rambling about shit that didn’t even help… it was a solid 20 minutes of shit i already knew…
    ill stick to the plan i got.

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  7. look at vine delmonte’s metabolic weight training, according to him the more calories tghe better, i agree

  8. that is true but at some point there metabolism slows down and since they are use to eating more they are going to gain some pounds quick.. That’s what happen to me..

  9. diet is not only tha factor , body metabolism is main factor , i know many people who eating somany calories are slim , who eating less calories are fat , so you have to know about you body meatbolism first then combiend , diet , workout and try some yoga for increase your thyroid secretion ,

  10. The thing he walked the treadmill, that is a sissy workout a fat man would do. I would of ate the protein bar, and burned it off. I am in great shape, I guess its all about getting to know your body.

  11. This is a fantastic insight, thanks for sharing. The sad truth about most overweight people is that diet is far more challenging.

  12. true. alot of people think, when you run 3 days a week for one hour you can eat what ever you want.

  13. This just puts things in perspective. Too many people I know or see at the gym come in with the mindset “I just ate bad and about to burn it off”. So untrue. So sad. U read mags at Starbucks, not the gym…!

  14. You have to figure that most people don’t walk to the gym, and there are plenty of people out there who perform a relatively easy workout. 3.5 mph on a treadmill for 30 minutes isn’t very taxing on the body, and I think that the basic point he was trying to make is that generally people completely overestimate the amount of nourishment they need, and how many calories they burn during a workout.

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  16. Dan burned off that bar by dancing in place the whole time.

  17. wouldnt the protein bars be good for bodybuilding?

  18. you cant burn at the same rate you consume.
    Protein Bar200cals
    walk to the gym, change50 cals
    [email protected]/hr30 mins150 cals
    change, shower50cals
    time before your next meal 2 hrs200 calc
    Total:450 cals burnt. so can you out train a bad diet? NO
    Eat healthy, avoid sugars & refined carbs, do regular cardio and weights and focus on increasing your resting metabolism rate. thats how you burn more calories.
    I’m a big CB fan, love his workouts. Just don’t agree with this series diet vs cardio videos.

  19. lol craig’s comments on britney and jenifer aniston

  20. MichaelERutherford

    Another good example of diet versus exercise! Keep it coming:)

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