Diet Vs Exercise Episode 4: Fat Loss Diet Versus Best Cardio Workout to Burn Belly Fat

CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! Here is another episode in diet vs. exercise. Today in the diet corner we once again have Brad Pilon, this time he will be snacking on 2 espresso brownies each weighing in at around 300 calories and he’ll wash that down with a 700 calorie Starbucks frappacino. Representing the exercise corner, I’m going to perform a series of 1-armed kettlebell swings with a 35 pound kettlebell. As Pilon gulps down the frappacino, I am working very hard at a pace neither I nor any other individuals in the gym would typically go at. The point here is that individuals can mindlessly consume calories before and after meals and it not even register with them. Now that Brad has finished off both of his snacks and consumed nearly 1400 calories, I have completed 60 snatches of the KB swings and burned about 50 calories. Although the kettlebell swings did burn a lot of calories, in a short amount of time, it pales in comparison to the calories Pilon took in. The results speak for themselves and t is very apparent that diet once again wins the battle in diet vs. exercise. This is precisely why individuals who go to the gym and work really hard for an hour are not going to burn fat if they are consuming so many calories mindlessly. You just can’t out train a bad diet. Visit Turbulence Training to get your FREE sample fat burning workout. Click here to get started And to get access to the #1 weight loss secret of

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  1. @Pube83
    4-5 lbs a week is awesome!!! Congrats on your succes so far!!

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  3. @Pube83

    Just in the last month have I started a proper diet plan with no junk at all (40/30/30, 2,000cal), and got a good 5-day split for lifting. I feel like I’m taking excess vitamins , but I guess the average person doesn’t take any (multi, B, C, D, E, fish oil and a joint formula). I take some caffeine and arginine pre-workout, whey and dex/malto post. I feel like a new person. And I’m losing 4-5lbs a week while getting stronger (despite the calorie deficit and weight loss).

  4. @antoheionn

    Oh believe me, I know. After several years of eating crap and not stepping foot in a gym (I used to work out a lot up until an injury in 05), I joined last October. I lost a quick 10lbs, then plateaued. I kept working out, but wasn’t committed to changing my diet or logging what I ate.

  5. @Pube83
    Hi, the 2300 BMR was just an example. The idea behind this videos is to convince people that they need a good nutrition plan or diet in order to lose fat. That simply going to the gym will never get the job done.

    About the brownie part- no one can hope to last ONE day while eating only that. They’ll give in to hunger, sooner or later. That’s absolutley not what these videos are about =)))

  6. @antoheionn

    2,300 BMR? Yeah, if you’re a solid 210lb+ man, and by solid I mean 10% body fat or less.

    I think they should mention in the videos (especially this frappuccino one for women) something like this:

    “So, Brad just consumed 1,100 calories of mostly sugar and fats. Your average 5’6″ women should probably only be consuming 1,500 calories total each day to maintain her current body weight. Another small brownie and a half is all she gets to eat for the rest of the day.”

  7. wiseguyproductions

    thanks for this – you really put things into perspective. well illustrated!

  8. @SBDCouncil Totally agree!!!

  9. I hope that was one of Brad’s fasting days xD

  10. Hi, @eun0ia , you are absolutly right about people in the gym exercising much longer than that and about the resting metabolic rate. Yet, you can work in the gym for hours- 20 min on the treadmill, 20 on the crosstrainer, 20 on the stairmaster, 20 on a bike, burn let’s say 400 calories, even if I’m overestimating a bit-, you can have a 2300 calorie resting metabolic rate and still not be able to lose fat, just because your calorie intake is still way too high. Diet&exercise (no cardio) win!!!

  11. @eun0ia You are correct in what you are saying, but I think you are missing the point of the videos. Their overall program addresses what you are talking abut, but they are trying to wake people up to the reality of what they eat compared to their real activity level.

  12. This is awesome!! this is right on target ,I have been preaching this to my friends, “you cant up train a bad diet”, but the reverse is true with a great diet your workout results are multiplied.

  13. O O

  14. these video’s are extremely flawed.

    1. Increasing your heart rate for a sustained period of time increases your metabolic rate. People on average exercise for a longer period of time then it takes to finish a simple meal

    2. Daily bodily functions burn calories, your body can’t breath pump blood and move you from the couch to the fridge without requiring some energy. These videos fail to mention resting metabolic rate. Heck, it takes calories for his body to warm up the iced drink he’s having

  15. These are the best eye opening videos I have watched. Great Job you all

  16. dont drink your calories!!!

  17. I found out about a year ago about the frap and capps and tht is crazy

  18. this video series is GREAT! I work with Herbalife International and all this information lines up with what we teach. Thanks guys.

  19. @ fat-crusher . com there is a great video that shows how to lose weight

  20. This is the best way you could possibly show anybody how crappy the average American diet is and why people struggle to lose weight without targeting there diets properly. GREAT SERIES !!!

  21. thefatburningdiet

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    I found the website called fatburner. cz. cc and i’ve lost 40lbs! It really works. :)

  22. OMG!!!! Im NEVER having a Frappuchino again!!!

  23. awsome video….

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  25. oh alright he said at the end of the video snatches. still form was off making the snatch easier so.

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