High Intensity Interval Training

CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! www.turbulencetraining.com Today we are going to cover High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). You’ve probably heard about HIIT a lot these days because it is being used in a lot of programs for fat loss. Smart trainers know that it is much more effective than regular slow, boring cardio, and you actually get results as compared to other cardio workouts where you aren’t seeing any results at all. So HIIT means any type of sprint exercise that lasts from about 0-90 seconds. Anything longer than 2 minutes can get into what is known as aerobic interval training. Therefore, normally you want to sprint for 15, 30 or even 45 seconds, after which time you go down to a very easy period of exercise. That is one of the biggest mistakes most people make when doing interval training. Many people don’t drop the intensity down low enough during the recovery period. For example, if you are going at 10 mph and you only drop down to 8 mph then in effect you’re really still doing cardio and not high intensity interval training. You will not allow you body to sufficiently recover from the sprint portion and so you won’t be able to sprint hard at 10 mph the next time around. So, you want to make sure you are going from hard to easy, or going from a sprint to a walk. It is okay to walk in interval training as this will allow you to work really hard and thus provide you with all the benefits of HIIT. Here is an example of a high intensity interval training

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  1. @CroomRulz LOL, if I lost my cock I’d be down 12 pounds

  2. so when i spring i do it for 2 min then rest 2 min is that bad for u to do if ur trying to loose fat and maintain muscle?

  3. @heyitsthatoneguy91 where do u get adderal i her it was an ingrediant in suplements but the fdaa made it illegal i used to take buterol when i as in the hospital to keep me from gainng weight shit woked good but it meesed with my bloodpreasure so i only did it 2 weeks which waswat ur supposed to do it for

  4. @wushugungfu yea do u know how hard it is to even get to write ona mens health mag thats for the best of the best like the navy seals of the navy!

  5. @CroomRulz i love that u added the limb part hahaha

  6. @XxROBERTSONx Check what i said about that timing issue.

  7. @mt80008 Man you have to drop down to a walking pace so you fully recover so you can go at max speed for another 15-45 seconds

    if i go fast as i can for 45 seconds divide that by 2 then round out so my rest would be anywhere from 22-27seconds

    If i go as fast as i can for 20 seconds my rest time is anywhere from 10-15seconds.

    And so forth

    Then i repeat.

  8. hey man would this also make me run longer and if you do a 40 second sprint would u do a 40 second walk after

  9. @heyitsthatoneguy91 excellent advice…..get fit with drugs. Loser.

  10. MrPokemaster12345678

    i been doing this for two days and its great workout

  11. i started interval training 2 months ago for 15 minutes a day in my 30min a day treadmill routine in order to lose my pot belly. it’s not as big as it was anymore but it’s still round while i’m losing fat in other parts of my body much faster. what can i do to make belly fat loss faster?

  12. @mt80008 always drop to a walking pace if you dont you will just saty in the anaerobic phase and just be doing standard cardio, good luck

  13. short n sweet, just like me in bed!!!

  14. heyitsthatoneguy91

    Hey, how long (post warmup) should i do it? i’ve done windsprints like this, (8-9mpg) for 30-45 secs, 30 second rest, repeat 3-4x…usually about 5 mins..is that too long? it burns a TON of calories and really works your core which is a good warmup for working abs

  15. heyitsthatoneguy91

    @CroomRulz true when you eat less you consume less water plus the water isn’t absorbed into the food in your system..lol for two days (without realizing it) i only ate two sandwiches, 2litres of mt dew, biked 4 miles, smoked kush and popped 2 adderall…dropped from 205 to 197.5 almost overnight lol! adderall, i wanna pop 4 then go to the gym..shit helps you focus like no other..after all its an amphetamine..take 40mg on an empty stomach..shit hits you hard

  16. @0587dave ok cheers dude.

  17. what if you drop it down to around 5.2 miles per hour so you can just do a light jog in between the sprints. Is this good too or should I just drop it to a walking pace like you did.

  18. how long should the cool down be??? a minute or so???

  19. @0587dave of reps you did last workout. so if you were able to do every set with the same amount of rest then increase doing 10reps pushups and maybe 4 reps pullups the next workout or keep the same number reps and increase the workout to 15minutes and continue. it can be used with weights or bodyweight stuff but i find its best to alternate antagonistic bodyparts. once your up to 20minutes change the exercises and start over at 10minutes, 2 exercises, 15sec rest

  20. @royvered100 if your interested in building up some condition and have a hiit style workout with bodyweight stuff you might want to look up Escalating density training (EDT). set a goal of 5pushups, and 2 pullups then a time limit of 10minutes. do a set of pushups rest 15seconds then do a set of pullups arest 15seconds etc until the 10minutes is up. if you cant get those reps each set then increase the rest time by 10seconds as needed. the next workout do the same but try to beat the number

  21. @wushugungfu mens health is just like any other health magazine. its made to sell and make a profit. it doesnt mean everything in it is true. have you even read mens health? 90% of it is just ads selling stuff. you could start your own magazine with a few articles yourself and that doesnt mean your the ultimate trainer or something.

  22. @wushugungfu

    Okay, so 3 miles a day ? Well I use a stationary bike in my room, and put the resistance on 1. I peddle for an hour what should I change up because I have these features that I don’t know what the fuck to do with lol there is a picture of a mountain, and another picture of a mountain with steps on it ?

  23. @CollegeLoheart
    So with all that being said HIIT and interval training are the best for training for a fight situation whether it be MMA or self defense. If you want to be well rounded in fitness though, you should keep running, but no more than 3 miles every other day and mix it up with swimming to help build the lungs more and get a better full body workout.

  24. @CollegeLoheart
    Hmm… i don’t know who told you that, but i wouldn’t listen to them unless they have some pretty good credentials. The one that i do know about is that running long distances is bad for the joints, but i only know that to be worst case if you’re a marathon runner. If doing cardio for an hour you definitely won’t have bad lungs and heart, if this was the case special forces and special operators would be in the worst shape possible….

  25. @wushugungfu

    I’m 100% healthy, but that is what I heard from some people they said you should just stick to HIIT cardio because when you are performing cardio for an hour you’re just weaking your lungs, heart, and when you have the fight-or- flight respons from fighting or scared you could get a heart attack ?

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