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Sep 10

Medicine Ball Ab Workout Exercises

CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! Youre about to discover an amazing medicine ball abdominal exercise circuit published in Men’s Health Medicine magazine from the December 2008 issue. If you’ve seen the magazine, then you will have seen there are a lot of crunches and even some sit-ups in there. But, if you’re not an advanced college athlete, then you probably don’t need to be doing those exercises. You especially want to avoid those types of exercises if you sit at a desk all day and have lower back problems. So, I’m going to take most of the exercises from that program and do them in this circuit, but replace the sit-ups and crunches with alternative versions that are still effective for your abs, but easier on your lower back. This is going to be a 10 exercise circuit, with 20 repetitions per exercise. If you’re advanced, then you can use a medicine ball; otherwise you can use a basketball, or a soccer ball. You will start the medicine ball abdominal circuit with the big circles exercise. So, place the ball above your head and then bring it down and around, and up the other side, and then around again. Continue this motion for 10 repetitions, and then switch directions for another 10 repetitions. The second abdominal exercise is the Woodchopper. To perform this exercise, place the ball out in front of you and swing the ball straight up and down, making sure to squat down while bringing the ball down. Repeat for 20 repetitions. Once you’ve

Sep 10

Mens Health Medicine Ball Exercises December 2008 These are the Men’s Health Medicine Ball exercises from the December 2008 issue. Here’s the full Men’s Health medicine ball exercises ab workout challenge. A) Big Circles – 20 B) WoodChoppers – 20 C) Standing Russian Twist – 20 D) Squat to press – 20 E) Med ball Sit ups – 20 F) Rocky Solos – 10 = 20 G) Toe Touch – 20 F) 45 Degrees torso Twist (LEGS UP/FEET UP!) – 10/10 per side = 20 G) Suitcase Crunch 10/10 = 20 H) Diagonal Crunch – 20 reps Those are some tough medicine ball exercises for your abs. For more medicine ball workouts and ab exercises, visit and http