Mens Health Medicine Ball Exercises December 2008 These are the Men’s Health Medicine Ball exercises from the December 2008 issue. Here’s the full Men’s Health medicine ball exercises ab workout challenge. A) Big Circles – 20 B) WoodChoppers – 20 C) Standing Russian Twist – 20 D) Squat to press – 20 E) Med ball Sit ups – 20 F) Rocky Solos – 10 = 20 G) Toe Touch – 20 F) 45 Degrees torso Twist (LEGS UP/FEET UP!) – 10/10 per side = 20 G) Suitcase Crunch 10/10 = 20 H) Diagonal Crunch – 20 reps Those are some tough medicine ball exercises for your abs. For more medicine ball workouts and ab exercises, visit and http

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  1. Now i believe you ! I could actually see your abs you like practically NEVER have your shirt off do all your videos without shirts on ! even if your not at the gym =D

  2. Craig ,, this is the first time in all the TT videos that i have watched, that you actually have your shirt off. i know this is for mens health but .you should do them all like this.

  3. How many times a week should this circuit be done?

  4. Chuck Taylor ftw!

  5. I use a modified version of this workout (bicycle kicks and russian twists, then do the workout in order starting with situps, finish with 20 more situps and 20 45 degree twists at the end) Still 20 reps and an awesome workout

  6. No problem Masimons. I hope you like it!

  7. new ones for me to try…thanks

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