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Nov 10


CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! This is the third system of 6-minute abs, and in it you will do two sets of supersets, two times each. To start out, you’ll do a side plank for 20 seconds on each side. For proper form, position your body in a straight line with your hips forward. When switching sides be sure to try and limit the rest period as much as possible. Immediately after the plank exercise go directly into stability ball rollout for five repetitions. So, with your knees on a mat, and your hands out in front on the ball, roll the ball out, stretching your abs, and then contract your abs to bring the ball back in. For this exercise you want to ensure your back is straight at all times. Now you will rest for 30 seconds and then go back and repeat the superset one more time. Once you’ve finished the first superset you’ll start the next set with the bird dog exercise. So, kneeling with your hands on the ground, you will raise the opposite arm and leg, holding the top position for 3 seconds. Then slowly bring back in and switch sides. Do this for six repetition per side. The second exercise of this last superset is the X-body mountain climber. From the push up position, you will then bring your knee across your body to your opposite elbow, back out and then switch sides. Once again, when you have completed all the reps for the mountain climber, take a 30 second rest and then do the superset one last time.Visit Turbulence Training to get your