Advanced 15 Minute Express Workout C

CLICK HERE FOR A FREE WORKOUT! This is workout C from the Advanced TT 15 Minute Express Workout. We’re going to do all strength training exercises in this circuit and it will only take you about 3 to 3-1 minutes to get through it. You should be able to get it done about 4 or 5 times during the 15 minutes. Start out with a dumbbell split squat starting out with 30 seconds on one leg and then switch to other side. Move immediately into a dumbbell chest press (you’ll probably use a heavier weight than you did with the split squats). Press up and in and then down and out. You’ll probably get in about 10-12 reps for this. Start out more conservatively with these and use a weight you can do about 12 times because you will definitely tire out as you go along. Next, you will do 30 seconds of chin-ups with an underhanded grip. Move immediately into 30 seconds of stability ball jackknives with your feet on the ball, elbows on a bench and your body in a straight line. Tuckyour knees into your chest and back out. Finish with 30 seconds of dumbbell Romanian deadlifts. You can probably use the same weights you used for the chest press. Push your hips back, chest is out in a proud posture and stretch your hamstrings. Make sure you have your timer that goes off every 30 seconds to move you to the next exercise. Be conservative the first time through this circuit, take it easy and work your way up and then to really hard for the last 3 or 4 circuits and then you

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  1. what kind of bodyweight exercises can women do (no equipment) to torch fat (fast) assuming the diet is protein & organic based

  2. @dcelliott12 you will get a greater metabolic response! you will burn more calories doing these b/c they are full body movements. But if you want to get a particular muscle bigger you will have to concentrate on it

  3. what is the advantage to strength training in a circuit session as opposed to strength training with concentrating on one muscle group per session?

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