Hotel Room Workouts Bodyweight Exercises Hotel room workouts using the Turbulence Training System and bodyweight exercises only. You can do an amazing hotel room workout using only bodyweight exercises. Make sure you listen to the bodyweight hotel room workout hygiene tips I give before I workout. You don’t want to be doing bodyweight exercises on the floor of a hotel room — ewww, gross! This bodyweight exercise hotel room circuit goes like this… (Do one warmup round of only 5-8 reps per bodyweight exercise.) Prisoner Squats – Do up to 20 repetitions Pushups (on bed) – Do up to 30 repetitions Walking Lunges – Do up to 20 reps PER leg X-Body Mountain Climbers – Do up to 12 reps PER side 1-Leg RDL’s – Do up to 12 reps PER side T-Pushups – Do up to 15 reps PER side You don’t need to go to a fancy gym to get started. In fact, it’s better to do bodyweight exercises in your hotel room because you save time (and money if the hotel charges extra for hotel gym workouts), plus you won’t be intimidated by the folks at the gym who think bodyweight exercises are weird. Or screw it, who cares what they think as they waste their time on the cardio confessions!). It’s not a fashion show in your hotel room either! This is a simple but effective fat burning hotel room workout you can do in the comfort of your own hotel room with bodyweight exercises. For more fat burning hotel room workouts and bodyweight exercises you can do at home, visit AND http

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  1. I hope people will learn from this video……..this is what will happen to YOU…on a vacation…….if you dont have a GF!!!!!

  2. I hope people will learn from this video……..this is what will happen to YOU…on a vacation…….if you dont have a GF!!!!!

  3. this dude is a joke. and who wears chucks for exercise only a joke dude like this guy in the video. what a joke

  4. xDDD

  5. Yeah but it’s murder on your wrists!

  6. only 10 squats? i do 90 with no rest between. but i have to shower after cos it makes me sweat a lot.

  7. germ a phobe

  8. dumb ass , we all know these moves

  9. noonevincecarterfan

    Awesome. I really like your videoes. I would love if you could make some sport related programs. For example a workout that specifically helps a basketball or football player with some drills that simulates game movements. That would be teriffic.

  10. Sure it is. It’s less stable than the floor so great for your upper body and core strength.

  11. i don’t really think it’s a good idea to do push-ups on a mattress…

  12. awesome. Exercise not involving any equipment is good cause im abit low on certain exercise stuff

  13. cool shirt cool shoes cool workout

  14. craig, do something with that microphone, i dont like the reverberation

  15. Heh, nice tip with the hygiene. I’ll have to remember that.

  16. Thanks for the video!

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