How Creativeness Is Enhanced With Ableton Live

Ableton Live is a computer based music production program that entered the market in 2001. It’s ease of use is legendary and it’s most commonly employed by deejays and in multitrack studio recording. It’s enormously popular and is found on the PCs and Macs of most performers.

Contents Included

It comes in the form of 8 discs featuring the software as well as a wide variety of instruments, from drums to Latin beats. While it is updated annually, it has thus far succeeded at staying close enough to its predecessors that there is no major learning curve. Newer versions are simple to understand and use. You should only get the best of the DJ Software.

What You Can Do With It

It’s exceedingly intuitive and even analyses and predicts desired transients. If predictions are incorrect, they’re easily changed. Plenty of randomization is possible, extending the potential for radical results.


Newer updates let users take elements from existing tracks and play with them to produce new songs. This process is one of its more complex and does require some practice to learn. It’s the least intuitive feature, but there are easy-to-follow tutorials available.

Other Features

Crossfades are easily adapted and played with. Volume automation is thus unnecessary. This new feature, included in version 8, improves simplicity enormously.

Live Performances

For performers, newer editions have instrumental inclusions which are remarkably organic. Guitars, pianos and glockenspiels are all there. Conventional instruments like these can be remodeled to create a variety of new sounds.


Other instruments are endless, including strings, woodwinds, harps and choirs. Audio filters allow all of these to be altered. For creation of a track, one can work with a low resolution collection of instruments for quick working ability. These are later recorded with 24 bit samples.


Looping is very easy to do. There seems to be no limit to the length of audio clips for looping. They can also be adjusted to a maximum of three octaves. While this looping function doesn’t have much scope, the software offers various complex looping possibilities using different tools.


Drum kit samples are offered prearranged. They are editable which is fantastic for those with a creative block. This way, new inspiration is found that can open up real artistic potential.

Complete DAW

An entire production project can be managed from beginning to end using only this program. It’s complete and entire. There are enough effects to handle projects without outside tools or instruments.

Learning Tools

Those converting to this software don’t need to worry about needing to relearn a whole new version in a year’s time because every update has remained true to its predecessor. This means it can be predicted that future versions will continue to retain ease of use with a similar interface to previous versions. Because each version has significant and important improvements, it’s safe to assume is will remain at the forefront of its market.

New users will find learning to be intuitive through experimentation alone. Simply playing with its simple interface teaches one how to use it. Ableton Live seems to have a bright future as the leader in the field of production. Ableton really is the best of the Best DJ Software and best of the DJ Equipment.

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