Fat Loss Workouts with TT February 2007 Workout A

CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! www.turbulencetraining.com You will start this workout with a warm up of 3 exercises. The first exercise is a Prisoner Squat. With your feet shoulder width apart, keep your elbows back (your elbows always have to be back for this exercise to be effective) and hips back. Squat down and up. Beginners can do a simple bodyweight squat with your arms straight out in front of you. Do these for 10 Reps. The next warm up exercises are pushups, however, if you are a beginner, do kneeling pushups. The last warm up is a stick up against the wall (shoulder blades together and up against a wall) or inverted rows with a bar. You can also use a rear deltoid raise to warm up the upper back and increase shoulder mobility. Go through this warmup circuit 2 times with 8-15 reps depending on your fitness level. If you are a beginner, do 8 reps or even 5; whatever warms you up, but not too much. Now we’ll move right into the supersets. I havent used these exercises in any TT workouts before this, but they are all variations of exercises I do use. Superset 1 The first exercise in this superset is an Alternating 1-arm dumbbell press. You will not be able to use as much weight as you do for your 2 arm presses. Lie on the bench and press both arms straight up. Hold one arm at the top as you bring the working arm down. Do 6 reps per side. Move immediately into a Deep Step-Up . With regular step ups, you are close to the bench and drive straight up, but with these you

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  3. This one made me sweat like a pig. Hahahaha… Love it!

  4. I think the Prisoner squat works the upper back.

  5. I like it!

    What does a prisoner squat do differently than a bodyweight squat?

  6. nice thanks for this

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